Blood starts pooling though a elevator door

  1. I'm an elevator mechanic and I've heard about this story. An electrician shouldn't have ever been near this equipment and this is exactly why. Proper training creates safe work environments in any industry

  2. Thank you cause the video was unhelpful regarding what happened and therefore pointless and should not be reposted or uploaded in the first place

  3. Carnival Cruise ship offered to compensate for the witnessed trauma by providing the couple with “3 Counseling sessions” ...THREE !? That’s all !

  4. Is this kind of reporting normal for american news? They focus on entertainment and similarities to a movie than reporting about the cause of the incident. I would feel like they are insulting my intelligence.

  5. Your feeling is correct. American 'news" is a reflection of culture. There's a saying with the networks: if it bleeds, it leads. Sensationalism and ratings are the VIPs. And yes people love their movies and movie lines here. Make of it as you want.

  6. There's nothing normal about Fox News it's just nothing but right wing propaganda entertainment for the REDtards & Trumpanzees who voted for tRump.

  7. They were friends in high school but never dated until after college. They had been married for a few years when this happened in 2015. The cruise was a gift from Susan's parents because the couple had a stressful year.

  8. Cruises just terrify me. I know technology prevents from sinking but imagine someone becomes a zombie and you’re stuck on that ship. No no for me

  9. I’ve never been on a cruise. I used to want to go but over the last 2 1/2 years I’ve started changing my mind and now I think I’ve developed a fear of them lol. They sound terrifying and boring. A few years ago I spent 4 hours on a docked cruise and got to enjoy all amenities and I’m content with that.

  10. Don’t want to go on a cruise because maybe zombie outbreak. Like that’s the number one fear you have over, say, realistic problems that could actually happen?

  11. probably a coping mechanism, he might be smirking/smiling but he probably isn't meaning it as such.

  12. Some people are just like that, it's different than normal but not unusual. There are people when hurt, they laugh (someone like Johnny Knoxville). It's traumatizing so maybe his brain is going, "well, if I'm smiling, everything must be okay. I'm okay"

  13. Jesus fucking Christ as I was watching the blood elevator part when SpongeBob music started playing in the post above me

  14. Why the fuck are they showing pictures of that couple? Lmao.. I thought at first that it was the woman that died

  15. Video ended way too soon. It’s obvious there’s more to it. Thanks to the homie that linked the original story. Damn. Horrible accident.

  16. That has to be the worst facial hair i've ever seen. Also he's enjoying the recounting of events a little too much for my liking.

  17. ITT: idiots who don’t know that nervousness can make you smile. It’s really amazing, this shit is elementary to me.

  18. I was on this exact ship back in 2007. A guy committed suicide by jumping off the rear (stern?) of the ship. I think the vessel is just cursed.

  19. Local Fox ain’t NewsCorps, but I like where the heads at. I ain’t balancing shit for those liars, just letting you know what evil at work where.

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