Swat team member saves another after he is shot in the neck

  1. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-03-31/videos-show-officer-shot-knife-attack-lapd-shootings

  2. PoliceActivity is such a good channel, they post so many crazy fucking videos without any kind of bias

  3. Yeah, from what I remember the officer was shot in the face with a shotgun and his facial bones deflected the pellets. What an absolute chad.

  4. Seriously, the number of times the barrel was aimed directly at the wounded officer would have me questioning how close I came to death after my near-fatal injury. I'm guessing the safety was off since they were in a potentially combative situation. Yeesh

  5. In the whole video he got shot in the chest right before this and was fine because of his vest. Then he crouches down and gets shot in the neck. If he wouldn’t have crouched down he might have been fine again.

  6. He lived, shooter was taken out by a sniper. right before this, the officer shot in the neck was shot in the vest, afterwards he was asked if he wanted to retreat but he still insisted to stay there and hold the angle.

  7. because of the title i thought the guy that got shot in the neck was gonna save the dude helping him lmao im stupid af

  8. Bro, shoulder your weapon, you pointed it at Rodney a few times while you were dragging him, good lord that would of sucked you capped him trying to save him...

  9. I watched the full video, the other officer even offers to trade places with Rodney, Rodney refused he also was shot in the vest the first time before Rodney got shot in the neck.

  10. Ehh this is the swat team. Sure, they have no problems flashbanging babies and such, but most of the horrible cops you see on the news are not swat team, they are regular ass non combat situation cops. Like look at these guys, they are fighting actual real crime. It's the cops that introduce deadly force when it's not warranted that are the issue. The kind of cops that wouldn't have the balls to actually put themselves in harms way for others.

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