Best Highlights from Kanye West-Alex Jones Dec 1, 2022 Info Wars Episode (9 mins)

  1. How Alex Jones looks at Kanye is the same look Mike Myers gave him when he said "George Bush doesn't care about Black people"

  2. I get how a lot of people find this hilarious, but for real, this dude ain’t right in the noggin. And sure, a lot of people have mental issues like him, but he still has a HUGE following because of the rhymes he made on tracks. Please, don’t give this guy any more attention. It’s not good for him or any of his die-hard fans.

  3. Really? I found it hard to watch. I could barely make it through 9 minutes. I'm not sure how anyone could make it through the entire thing. Alex Jones couldn't even make it through the entire interview without walking away for a time, it would seem. Took a lot of his energy to try and find a way to PR for Kanye and immediately be uno reversed by Ye.

  4. Kanye should be emprisoned just to experience what the real neo nazis think of people like he. And than we should turn this into a TV reality show 😂 Will their common love for Hitler allow them to bond or will everything Hitler stood for be an obstacle between Kanye and his new friends?

  5. I never thought id see Alex jones visibly unnerved and confused bc of how insane someone else is and act as a voice of reason

  6. It’s kind of like when anti LGBTQ politicians and preachers get caught with a young person they morally hate. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  7. this is how kanye has been since 2009/2010, he’ll just do whatever crazy shit will get him more attention whether positive or negative. he doesn’t care, he’s loaded and is fucking with everyone. if nobody paid any attention to him, he’d stop

  8. Alex Jones was absolutely not the voice of reason. Alex supports literally everything Kanye said the difference is Alex has created a media career on toeing the line of outright saying that the Jews are evil.

  9. Is this dude like... Really having a mental breakdown or is he maybe doing this as some bizarre publicity stunt where he's trying to get full notoriety?? I just don't understand how people in his life: family, publicists, managers, etc. Can allow him to say all the wild shit he's been saying without it being a stunt. Or this poor dude is having a full fucking mental breakdown and no one cares about him enough to help him get help. And if that's the case this is just... Sad. × × Also, I love Alex Jones having someone on his show that makes him feel like, "Uh oh, this is going to make me look like a joke" like he actually is 😂 you stupid bankrupt asshat.

  10. Exactly this. They are all aware of what is happening except him. Alex Jones is just sicking for more money before jail time

  11. I agree. He should be in a mental institution. They work miracles in those places. This is for -your- entertainment people and it's wrong on all levels. When Britney went bonkers at least someone took responsibility and took away her assets before she was able to completely destroy herself and her image.

  12. No, he's an idiot. I love been saying it for over 10 years and no one believed me. I'm relishing watching his downfall and can finally say " I told you so"

  13. IANAD. As long as we are writing hypothetical prescriptions. I say 20 MG of Olanzipine and Ativan as needed. Maybe 10 MG of Mirtazapine as well. If he chills out in a cabin for a few months and take his meds daily he will be doing much better. I hope he gets help. Anyone interviewing him at this point is a parasite. This is very sad.

  14. I doubt it man. One thing I've learned is that the world is ready for this man's buffoonery. He'll have something new in the future guaranteed

  15. They say this every time. After the whole Taylor swift debocle everybody thought his career had ended but he has managed to stay insanely popular throughout all of his controversies.

  16. I can't stop watching this. It's horrible and bewildering and sad. Honestly I think after his mother died he truly stopped giving a shit. I'm not sure he would have gotten this extreme if she were still around. Even though he still achieved plenty of musical and fashion success in the years after, behind the scenes it's been a long slow descent into the darkness. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't want to be alive in a post-Donda world. A bit like the mercurial, tragic genius that was Alexander McQueen...except Ye is too narcissistic to consider giving up the spotlight and ppl's attention by offing himself

  17. Hot take, most people who are assholes are that way after their elders die/leave, no downward-shame.

  18. They missed the part where AJ asked Ye if he had a website to plug. Ye said his website is the Bible

  19. I'm starting to think he's just trying to troll people. How many times did he say he loves hitler? How this is even a thing is beyond me. 2022 is the most fucked up year I've been alive for.

  20. I dunno, the way he talked about, at a couple different points, that the Nazi's didn't kill 6 million jews and so on, he was pretty emphatic. Sounds like someone (Fuentes in large part, no doubt) has done a good job of pulling him in, convincing him of the 'truth', and he's all-in on it.

  21. Dude this honestly just makes me feel so uncomfortable. Like almost a creepy/comedy satire skit but it makes it scary that it’s real. 100% mentally unstable at the moment and hope he gets help. I love his music but damn what a way to throw your legacy down the drain. Also the eye slits on the mask are so eerie.

  22. Mental Illness is no joke. If that were one of us we would be in psych ward. The media thinks this is such a funny news story. They kept the same mess up with Trump...thinking it was funny until he won.

  23. I gotta watch my accounts cause they’ve been frozen by uhh Jewish banks because uhh there’s no money in them

  24. The look in Alex's face says it all. Like he's worried about being deposed as the sick king of conspiratorial talking heads. Or another lawsuit

  25. Cant say Alex Jones isn’t a true advocate for free speech. He kept this looney bin on for 2+ hours 😂

  26. at least he showed that these white radical guys are not that hardcore ... they dont like hitler that much, they dont have the balls to say it out loud ....thats a good thing to know.

  27. The people replying to you are idiots. I have a bipolar brother and he absolutely goes off the deep end with his manic episodes, but I don't think bipolar people should be held accountable for what happens during mania. They're just out of control.

  28. I dont mean to say I told you so, but I have been saying for YEARS that Kanye is an oberblown lunatic of overestimated talent.

  29. He makes Alex Jones look normal and that’s saying a hell of a lot. Also, I wish people would stop saying it’s mental illness. The man is a bigot, plain and simple. He’s an anti semite.

  30. Both can be true. Dude is clearly not mentally well and needs to be treated or institutionalized. But that doesn’t excuse the shit he says

  31. We all know Kanye is a mentally ill racist piece of garbage, but can we please start dumping an equal amount of hate on little Dick Fuentes, this is a white supremacist piece of garbage that knows full well what he’s doing and taking the definitions of Dick rider and clout chaser to another level. Not to mention the only reason he’s relevant at all right now is the fact that he’s using one of many kanye breakdowns for his 15 minutes of fame. Fuck all these clowns and anyone who defends or agrees with them. First person to smack the smirk off of Fuentes’ face deserves a Nobel peace prize.

  32. Idk Kanye’s fucked but Nick Fuentes is one of the biggest shit bags out there. At least most people know Kanye’s to some degree mentally ill. Fuck them all though for sure

  33. Ok now I see why everyone saying he likes Hitler is a thing cuz only saw the everyone brings something to the table bit

  34. This just made me sad. He sounds like a crazy homeless person that walks by you in the street and you sorta feel disgusted but also still disturbed how a persons life’s must really be confusing and hard for them.

  35. The man is clearly in the midst of a manic episode. If anyone around him truly cared for him they would keep him away from the public eye until he comes out of it. Nazis bad. Hitler bad. Mental illness bad.

  36. Can't wait for his publicist to make the statement that he has been under alot of stress and mentally depleted from the covid lockdowns. He's been taking ambien and not sleeping properly and that's why he said what he said. The fact is he's a rich spoiled lil entitled brat and he's proven that time and time again.

  37. I think Alex Jones is just taking advantage of some one sick. He know exactly how detrimental to Kanye this situation is and is giving to him every opportunities to go even deeper into trouble than he is already.

  38. Ye’s music is mid, always has been, get better taste. He isn’t profound and creative, he’s mentally unstable and unwilling to seek treatment because he gets the attention he wants this way. It’s an addiction, cut him off cold turkey. He’s not a genius, stop blowing smoke up his ass an enabling him, also Bill Burr called this years before it was public knowledge so it’s not that the problem wasn’t apparent, people couldn’t get over their emotional attachment to Ye or just didn’t want to.

  39. Please tell me what is "better taste" oh Mighty Taster of Muziqs, for anyone else's opinion is just straight WRONG and only what you like matters!

  40. Let us use this trainwreck for a little education: Hitöer did not invent anything. Kanye, who has never read a book in his life, is of course wrong.

  41. Honestly yes it's funny but this seems like the latest version of the Charlie Sheen meltdown. Only he is less self aware. Not sure what his specific diagnosis is but like Sheen he's a casualty of his own fame. The things he is saying are obviously disgusting and dangerous but I'm finding it hard to be outraged at him because he's so obviously unwell.

  42. First time I heard of Kanye was when he released his gold digger song. Have never, ever been a Kanye fan. Now, I know he is even CRAZIER than I thought he was.

  43. I really think kaybe is doing this on purpose so he gets left a lone by press and the rest of the population. Our social standard shun people like this we get no news from them in years and people forget about the individual.

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