In 2021, the SEC went after crypto. In 2022, crypto is coming for the SEC. Ripple has started to rack up procedural court victories as it fends off the SEC in a case that could redefine how the agency polices digital assets

  1. *a fun idea to gamble on XRP. I mean it could be a great investment idk haven't done the DD and it sounds like (just from this post anyway) you haven't either. I'm not shitting on gambling , vice is vice but just as with drugs I feel its important to be honest with yourself about what your doing so the decision is premeditated.

  2. Most people only really care about making a quick buck, and the risk versus reward on this one is pretty damn tasty looking. Especially after seeing the case progress.

  3. Thank God. I've been keeping up very closely and let me tell you, the SEC and Gary Gensler are on some authoritarian bullshit. They're doing EVERYTHING they can to call all crypto a security so they can pick winners and losers.

  4. If the SEC has its way, no. Currently the expected settlement date is around Q2 of this year, but with the “motion to reconsider” the SEC just filed, it pushes it out another 2 weeks and if that gets denied, they will file with the head judge which will push it back another month or so. By the time the documents actually get released to Ripple, Ripple will need time to look over them, so that will likely push it out for a couple weeks or a month.

  5. Oh they will go after crypto projects for sure. But if Ripple (xrp is the token) wins, that would set an important precedent other projects could benefit from in their own defense.

  6. tldr; Cryptocurrency payments firm Ripple is fighting the Securities and Exchange Commission in a legal battle that could redefine how the agency polices digital assets. The SEC sued Ripple in December 2020, accusing the company of illegally raising more than $1.3 billion through the sale of the digital currency XRP. The case is ongoing in federal court.

  7. What if the Biden news about national security is right? If Russia is getting into Bitcoin, what’s faster and cheaper than Bitcoin, that has been trying to work with the banks, andddd is already being sued. Feels like it could be the first thru the gates 📈🚀

  8. Bottom line is there is ZERO chance any government will ever let any type of currency decentralized - its all about control with these ass hats. You are spot on! Russia adapts Bitcoin because USA takes Russia off swift - USA then bans Bitcoin - market Chaos ensues- XRP will be the new standard - i buy lambo yacht and a few thousand acres on Mars - condo on the moon

  9. I'm not a big fan of Ted Cruz, but he does deserve some credit for standing in defense of crypto's. Meanwhile the Democrats appear hell bent destroying it using energy/climate or rich tax as an excuse.

  10. Using Jeff Hauser’s analogy properly, crypto is like building an aircar, something that can fly at low levels and land anywhere, and then after they’re built, sold, and working, the government saying it’s actually a road car and it has to go the speed limit of the nearest road underneath it; asinine.

  11. We talk about Ripple procedural court victories as if it is a given they are going to win the suit, but first, the information posted in this subreddit about the suit is not always a balanced representation on how it is going nor this procedural battles are a guarantee of a victory.

  12. Far more likely they'll settle than lose. Just as other crypto projects have done. They'll either win or settle imo. At this point they look like they're on track to win, but the way the SEC has been behaving I have zero faith they'd let it go. They have no problem wasting taxpayer money to fund personal vendettas.

  13. Just how everyone else shits on ripple and xrp. Seems fair. Also the only one they are trowing onder the bus is the ethereum council of evil. Because they are the ones that paid the sec to go after ripple.

  14. This sub is so bipolar on XRP. A short while ago there was a report on how Ripple was trying to tarnish Bitcoin, now suddenly it’s a darling that will change the whole market.

  15. Really rooting for Ripple here. Just to spite the SEC. I've been following the case and their behavior has been shameful. It's pretty clear the SEC only cares about saving face and winning by any means necessary. Truth and reason be damned.

  16. Been looking to buy XRP for over 6 months now .... Never got to pull the trigger and time is slipping.

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