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  1. This is a Reddit bug. I have this issue posting on all the subs every now and then. Copy/paste your post or save it as a draft and refresh the page. Should fix it for you! (Or close the window and open a new window and open Reddit, sometimes works if the refresh doesn't)

  2. I ordered my replica certificate and share from Give A Share last year and was able to use my debit card no problem. They process orders all around the world so are set up to deal with any currency!

  3. Thanks for the invite and more importantly, thanks for creating a sub for others to learn how to DRS their shares!

  4. The longer that this goes on. The more the manipulation is more apparent. My conviction to hold my shares in my name just grows stronger.

  5. We don’t have items for sale. But you can easily upload a design to any online printing company or order there. Here’s some ideas

  6. Not sure if this is the place to ask but my search has not been helpful at all. I bought some shares of GME and want to DRS them. They are in an ISA account with Fidelity UK. I read a guide someone posted in

  7. The only way out of there is to sell and re-buy through a broker that will DRS such as IBKR. That’s definitely what I would do.

  8. Ok I just received my letter from CS today I am so disappointed I have to wait for another code to use my account..

  9. I was able to get my account verified by Lexus Nexus (I think), then use it right away. It will ask you a series of questions to verify you’re really the person (social security #,past addresses where you’ve lived, people you’re related to etc). At least here in the USA we got the option to verify our identity that way and not have to wait for the PIN number through snail mail. Give it a shot when try to set up the account.

  10. Woohoo good morning all. Starting the process to DRS another 80 shares today and it feels good. Lets lock that whole dam thing!!!!

  11. hello everyone! I have a handful of shares already DRSed and I have a few questions. it seems I have two accounts both with two sharetypes each, one book and one plan holdings. on both accounts, the larger number is book, and the smaller number with a decimal (ie 3.6005) as plan holdings.

  12. Thank you for the invite Ape. Much love and I am going to be directing traffic to this sub. Funny that I was just looking at how to drs my IRA. I was wondering what to do with my 401k as it gets manipulated to all shit or am I smooth brain ape and the IRA is the same 😂

  13. Hey friends! I got an email about claiming an NFT following a monetary contribution (💜 ) but I clicked the link and didn't see where to leave my wallet address. A grey box appeared under the title that said "claim.drsgme.org uses an unsupported protocol".

  14. Looks like something has bugged out! Kara our resident DAO expert will be awake in a little while, and should be able to fix this. Hopefully it will be back up and running in a few hours!

  15. Regard here. Thanks for the invite to this Sub. I have many other regards to share this information with! I plan to DRS the rest I have in Fidelity (40 more) after their meme stock costume Shananagans (does anyone use that term anymore? I'm 47 tryin to pose as a gen z! 🤣🤣😂😂 🤫

  16. I have my GME and amc shares @ComputerShare for a long time already and I did post the screenshots already so I don’t wanna do it again and add “synthetics” for the bot 😬….love the sub

  17. I wonder what we would have estimated if Jonpro03 wouldn't have accounted for the (upward) discrepancies the last two Quarters?

  18. Hi all! I’ve been a lurker in this sub for a long time now but have yet to comment or post. Just wanted to say hi and thank you to the team here and at DRSGME.org. I have great respect for Miller and the team and religiously upvote bibic’s daily DRS guides. I think the work you’re doing is incredibly important and I’ll continue to spread the word about drsgme.org and now this sub. Cheers! 🍻🦍💜

  19. Hi everyone! Thanks for the invite Miller. I hope the atmosphere here remains a bit more pleasant than the other sub has been lately.

  20. Hi mostly a lurker and trying educate myself.I am gme purple circle and do promote and believe in DRS. But very emotional right now with the fraud and corruption, especially with mmtlp situation. And truely worried and super pissed.I don't want my emotions to rule or destroy my path to seeing a free and fair market.Would like to say that Canadians investing thru so called registered accounts are still susceptible to pfof,not with Canadian securities but with American securities. Your fucking brokers are lying to you and you have every right to ask if your shares are real or not.Its the law.DON'T BE FOOLED.sorry just pissed and taking a break for now.But will return when I calm down.peace out and DRS all your American securities or just give your hard earn money away.And thanks for invite, hope I don't get banned from here too.Ape don't fight ape

  21. Thank you from Portugal. Thanks to your time and efforts of creating the site I was able to DRS. 🚀 this is the way.

  22. “Book” of your shares, Is “still” the way, Correct? My original purchase is all booked but I just bought more and they’ve settled in CS. I’m an original ape and just want to make sure that “book” is still the way with the new batch that just settled? Can someone please confirm? My fractional shares obviously can’t be booked. Thanks 🦍

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