This is what a volcano eruption looks from space

  1. Serious question, why don't the clouds move at all? If the volcanic smoke is moving so quickly, shouldn't the clouds be shifting a little?

  2. They weren't animated like the smoke cloud. It's a photo made by the Endeavour crew in 1994 of a volcano in Kamchatka and someone practiced their animation skills on the smoke cloud.

  3. Only if somehow you halt your orbital velocity and then fast forward a movie taken over an hour. From a spacecraft in low Earth orbit you would see very little motion as you passed over. From geosynchronous orbit it would be too small to see by eye. OP doesn’t understand how things look from space.

  4. Did they have the rotation of the earth shut off for this clip? Because I don't think there are any picture capturing satellites that can sit this still over a single space for this long. Especially not facing along the Earth instead of looking directly down at it.

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