I wonder why that is

  1. Don't they also give the people a rifle or something after their required military service is done? I think I heard that but I don't know.

  2. Not given, but they can apply to keep it. When they have a gun locker that is, among plenty of other regulations. And they have to keep passing competency tests too, not just once.

  3. As a swiss, yes, this is true: You get either a SIG 550 assault rifle or a SIG P227 handgun issued by the military as your service gun. You take it home, although it's still property of the state; when you finished your service, you can buy it for a low price.

  4. A person I met while in Germany was in the Swiss Army as a reservist, and was a Captain. We were talking about guns, and he had a 'Ma Deuce' M2 .50 Caliber machine gun at his home, with ammo, along with his personal Assault Rifle. which I think was a SIG 90?

  5. I think you are thinking about finlalnd. There you have required military service and then can keep your sks (I think) forever. Pretty cool.

  6. I’m willing to bet the poverty rate is also very low. Poverty rates and crime rates typically go hand in hand.

  7. Yeah, you should check on that less tax statement. The federal tax rate is low at about 11.5%, but there are also municipal and contonal taxes up to 36%. Not to mention, there are also this another tax called a 'net wealth tax', which is a tax on essentially your assets - minus liabilities.

  8. When your country is the size of a small state in the US its a lot easier to implement these types of things. State rights are what really get in the way of the whole country seeing these kinds of benefits.

  9. This clip makes it sound like Switzerland has about the same amount of guns as the US per capita, which they don't. They're not lying per se, as Switzerland is indeed among the countries with the most guns per capita at 1/4 guns per person. But the US is in a league of their own as the only country in the world with more guns than people.

  10. People owning multiple guns is kinda irrelevant though which is why more guns than people is also irrelevant. It’s how many people own guns that is relevant. Us gun violence is a cultural phenomenon with a multitude of causes not simply a gun ownership phenomenon.

  11. You on the other habd make it sound like your ginormous amount of guns justifies your gun violence. America has ~4.37 times the amoint of guns per capita compared to Switzerland yet the swiss only have about 0.022% of gun violence incidents. Even if you'd adjust the guns per capita for the swiss to equal americas you'd still be at 0.195%

  12. Wonder what their poverty line is or i wonder how much mental health issues they have. Wonder how populated they are compared to the USA. Wonder how much drugs get pushed through their country or how man local gangs they have?...

  13. It's funny you've mentioned drugs. Possession is decriminalized there, so there's less crime related to drugs, like violence or theft. Probably not many gangs. Big issue is that their taxes actually go to social services, and not to total nonsense. Their poverty is way lower, and they treat mental illness far different than the US does.

  14. Poverty. That's the most significant and preventable cause of violent crime. Idiots acting like it's a revelation that poor black people commit more crime than rich white people.

  15. I wonder if it has something to do with the government actively ensuring it’s citizens basic needs are met, like well funded public education, public healthcare, nutrition and retirement programs paid for by taxes?

  16. While in general I agree with you, I should say Switzerland doesn’t have public healthcare. If you’re unemployed even though you can receive subsidies to help, the premiums are so high that people often struggle anyway. And pensions are entirely based on your life taxed salary contributions which can make things difficult for immigrants.

  17. I have a good illustration of your point about how difficult it is to get away with leaving even a single bullet.

  18. Thanks! Im from switzerland. I think This is pretty much on point. I went to do my military service in switzerland but decided to give my weapon away after i was done. I didnt feel i need one, and the burden of storing such a shitty thing was a factor too :)

  19. Well, I got my pistol for birthday, it was one sheet to fill and the sentence: "Fo not aim at something you don't want to kill, okay?" from the officer. So not really Kafkaesk

  20. Well, you see in America we have areas where no one can legally be armed or so few people that it is effectively none. Those areas allow someone wishing to inflict violence to do so without fear of being ventilated. These areas often are not secured so that it is easy to enter one with a firearm yet those who dare to keep theirs on them are unwilling to bare the consequences the state will assuredly beat them with in order to save a person they have never met. Seeing as murder is already a crime what deterrence is there to keep someone who has already decided to kill from bringing a tool the state has decided is not allowed in the area?

  21. There is literally not "test" if u want to own a firearm..And a carry liscense is issued to people who can show they need it -> job

  22. Switzerland also has a great standard of living, excellent education, and extremely low unemployment. It’s a superior country to the US, and not just because of the gun thing.

  23. They even figured out private health insurance better than the US! The government actually negotiates with the insurance providers, imagine that?

  24. Yup we'd go knives like the UK. People think guns kill people. How stupid. You could give South Korea or Japan all of our guns and they wouldn't have nearly as many issues as we do. It's culture and completely absent parenting.

  25. Well its for the money you can make from drugs. Guns weren't really a thing in the hood until crack. Thanks Ronald!

  26. This is stewardship that’s the biggest things the US lacks. The Swiss see gun violence, gun related suicides, gun related accidents as unacceptable. The United States sees these things as inevitable.

  27. Switzerland is a small country of 8.5million. (The US has a population of 350 million.) Switzerland’s biggest cities don’t even exceed 500K people. Switzerland is more spread out and rural.

  28. Because guns by themselves are not the problem. The culture is the problem. Targeting law abiding gun owners does nothing but disarm the good guys. It's time to address bad culture, lack of morals, and mental illness.

  29. Look at statistics of who … and what cultures are committing gun violence . The school shootings get the headlines but make up a tiny tiny tiny part of the statistics .

  30. Perhaps if America had strong social safety nets, socialized medicine, mandatory military service and mandatory gun training, we might be in a similar position.

  31. Remove the absolutely RAMPANT gang culture in the US, and firearm homicide numbers would be quite low too. There’s more gang members in NYC than the totality of Switzerland.

  32. I think a lot of it has to do with compulsory participation in the military and they bring their guns home. I believe ammunition is harder to get than the gun itself

  33. It’s because they have tons of common sense gun control laws, universal health care, and a culture of treating others with dignity.

  34. Considering the majority of gun deaths in America are suicide, I’d wager that mental health is the main difference. Mental health evaluations are prohibitively expensive for a lot of the country.

  35. SwissAmerican here, gun culture is a big part of life there, but it's also a responsibility. Swiss don't fuck around and you have to maintain the gun. Hell, they even know if you don't take your dog to a dog trainer.

  36. Anyone simply comparing the gun laws as to why the US has a lot more violence is just plain stupid and should be mocked. Switzerland is a tiny homogenized country with tough immigration laws, highly educated, low poverty, good economy and jobs, good healthcare with mental healthcare, etc. Those are the reasons Switzerland has a lot lower gun crime. If you look at all the crime stats they are lower which points to it being more than just gun laws.

  37. Well yes ofc the ammo issued by the army is counted. You also cant take the ammo from the army or the one u get at a shooting range which u buy for a competition home

  38. Probably has a lot to do with the insane culture differences. Including the massive amount of gangs in the US vs Switzerland

  39. Switzerland isn't a diverse place. When you have diversity you deal with racism which can lead to gangs, poverty, murder etc. It's extremely difficult to balance, Europe in general isn't nearly as diverse as the US & they just don't understand all the issues that come with it, it's HARD.

  40. The problem with the diversity isn’t the victims of the racism it’s the racists. Why are they being racist? Do away with the racism and better the quality of life of the targets and you avoid part of the problem. The main issue with the US isn’t the diversity as it’s always been diverse. It’s the dominant culture of every man for themselves and disrespect. Also anti-intellect, education and corporate centering instead of community centric.

  41. It is an ethnically homogenous society with very strict limits on immigration. I read that something like 80 percent of the gun crime in the US takes place in 6 percent of the counties, meaning gun violence stats are driven but mostly gang crime in urban areas.

  42. Hmm when you don’t have international drug cartel conflicts being played out in your city streets it certainly helps. They’ve also somehow avoided the creation of a large population of hopeless men ripe for radicalization on the internet, likely by investing in programs that provide support and guidance for these youths despite the fact they aren’t in some historically repressed group.

  43. Illegal guns kill people. This is the same reason why gun laws are nonsensical. If your still having this argument you may be incapable of critical thinking.

  44. In Engel v. Vitale (1962), the Supreme Court held that the Establishment Clause prohibited the recitation of a school-sponsored prayer in public schools. The same reason liberal are trying to prove God doesn't exist. If God doesn't exist, TRUTH is a matter of opinion.

  45. So we should maybe just maybe have some tests to see if we’re not mentally ill? Like nothing serious just a check to see if we can handle guns? -a I don’t even know what the fuck i am anymore

  46. The US has a lot of guns but it’s mainly because there are plenty of people with multiple guns. Gun safety was once a course you took in high school. We should get back to those times.

  47. Apples to Oranges. Gun safety and education is probably one of the biggest differences. Cultural differences abound. Demographic differences abound.

  48. Is no one going to mention that the average Swiss citizen ranks significantly higher in intelligence/academics? They also have a much higher expectation of themselves due to societal pressure, much like Japan. The required 2 years of military service is probably also a contributing factor.

  49. I think it’s part of their compulsory military service requirement. They have to show continuing competency at the range every year or so. I think they see it as a drag.

  50. What this is missing is location. Urban versus rural. Add that, and you’ll understand the actual issue here. It’s cultural.

  51. My dad lived in Switzerland for a couple of years back in the 80s and remembers once seeing a line of rifles propped up against the wall outside a pub in the middle of the day. Apparently nobody gave a fuck.

  52. They stay out of wars They’re not dropping 3/4 of their GDP into bullets Their population is culturally homogenous Well educated Plus they’re in Switzerland where it’s fucking gorgeous

  53. This really isn't the kind of sub you post stuff that is very obviously trying to get a politicized point across to. This is supposed to be a place for things like fascinating feats of human engineering or athletic ability. Some crazy new technology or a dog that's way smarter than it should be.

  54. Many people forget there was a reason it was written as a RIGHT for Americans to own firearms. It was written because having them is a huge reason we are a country today. Obviously that right has been abused by many and led to some very tragic outcomes. The part that gets me the most is those who think stricter gun laws will help. Somehow it has been turned into an argument between left and right on what kind of guns people should be able to legally own. The problem is both sides have completely failed to see that a criminal is going to be a criminal regardless of the law. A depressed individual with mental health issues is still going to find a way, similar to a criminal (I’m not saying people with mental health issues are criminals. Merely using it to illustrate “where there’s a will there’s a way”). America’s gun violence rates are staggering, and I do believe we need to enact change asap. I don’t have the answers. All I know is what we’re doing now is not working. Trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens is not going to work and arguing about it is just wasting time. Maybe we should take a look at what they are doing right instead of just saying they have guns too? Maybe mental health should take more of a priority in our system? Many people want to say we have a gun problem. We don’t. Our problem is a people problem. Not just the ones that need help, but the ones who should be helping, are in the position to help and just have the same argument every time we have a tragedy. I’m proud to live in a country where I have the option to defend myself if I need to. I’m proud to live in a country that I can take my son hunting and teach him skills while bonding at the same time. All I’m saying is, if we spent more time helping each other we might get somewhere together instead of going no where divided 🤷‍♂️.

  55. The United States is just the Penal Colony for the rest of the world. The argument about building walls around "the prison that everyone wants to bust into" is largely fluff to drive the narrative another way.

  56. A lot of those rifles are given to people who completed their mandatory military service due to the threat of invasion. The US has more guns than people

  57. That’s less than 1 gun for every 4 people. The US has 1.2 guns for every person. No other country has more guns than people.

  58. Because they actually have to be well trained to own a gun. They can't just pick one up at a Walmart and go shooting.

  59. Damn that's crazy it's almost like the problem isn't the gun and it's some outside factor that is driving people crazy. Who would've thought that merely holding a gun doesn't make you want to kill innocent people?

  60. Their standards of living is higher. I’m from Chicago and people always think it’s a war zone when it’s mostly in the low income areas, while neighborhoods with middle-high income have less gun violence.

  61. I imagine anyone that abuses their gun rights gets punished. In America the powers that be want more dead people. If they wanted less gun crime they would punish it. When criminals gets busted with an illegal weapon the first thing they do is plea the gun charge away. Want less of something punish it.

  62. question: how many Bloods, Crips, 18th St, MS13, Latin Kings, Jamaican Mafia, etc, etc, etc, gang members live in this place...? equal to that of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or Atlanta...? maybe they don't have violent gang bangers there terrorizing the Swedish citizens...? but any of you liberals/communists can show me the receipts of gun violence/murders of the gang, non-white gang members, that is, you know, so the REAL WORLD can see how Swedish gang bangers kill each other...

  63. Its has more to do with them being white and rich than anything else… The swiss secretly run the world thats why there flag is a templar cross and they guard the pope and have a ton of banks in the impregnable fortress of a country connected to 4 European nations.

  64. Look at the countries with much higher rates per 100k than the US. El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia for example. Why is that? Drugs, alcohol, poverty, gangs, cartels, poor education. School shootings and the type the media pumps up are a tiny subset. Gun control will not fix it. It’s a culture problem.

  65. Because Switzerland is primarily a homogenous nation, very few other races than their native white race. I’ll likely get downvoted - unfortunately - but the hard truth is is that 99% of gun related deaths and shootings in America are 1: suicides, and 2, mass shootings committed primarily by African Americans in drug or gang-related shootings. Not implying anything racial, it’s just the statistics of it…

  66. Yeah and some how guns are still the issue lol I mean I know all my firearms wake up in the middle of the night and go out and shoot people lol

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