These little moments are why I love this game (zoom in)

  1. My favorite (I don't have a screenshot) was an empty room below a bonfire that was hidden behind an illusory door in one of the DLCs. In the empty room there was a message stating "up, therefore think carefully". If you looked up at that moment you'd notice the ceiling glowing orange as a small indication that there's a bonfire above you, leading you to look for said illusory door lol

  2. I get so pissed too, I dont have a weight problem amd I'm not insecure about it but its unnerving that the "fatty" message will be placed before a spot that is literally coded to not be able to walk through with an invisible wall. no matter how small your character could be.

  3. I didn't start DS2 until I played every other game in the series since all I've heard is that it's the worst in the series, but I'm like halfway through my first playthrough and tbh I'm having probably as much fun as I have playing through any other From game. Really if it weren't for the hit box fuckery I'd probably put it in my personal top 3

  4. I had this bonfire opened for me...some kind invader did the barrel thing and blew up the wall, then kindly oneshotted me with the fattest greatswords I've seen :)

  5. I was at the Lost Bastille yesterday and there was a message in front of a chest that simply said "Horse". I opened the chest and got backstabbed by the Pursuer.

  6. I love the ones that say “chest left” that are directly beside a chest. Some top minds in this game for sure

  7. There's a Bonefire In the The Lost Bastille that can be seen from this crack. (I just checked and there's an estus shard I missed in the chest here FFS!)

  8. You can see a bonfire in towards the upper middle part of the image (slightly left). So you'd probably see the bonfire before reading the actual message talking about the bonfire.

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