it's uncanny

  1. No, he actually IS Deacon. They used Sam's face for the character, and Sam did all the voice work and motion capture too.

  2. Lmao I thought it was him in both pictures and that this was a troll post 😂 they seriously look like the same person!

  3. Check out Sam Witwer's live streams (usually once or twice a week on his Twitch channel). He does a lot of voices of characters he's played, and some impersonations (ask him to do his Arnie! It's incredible).

  4. Yes but if they had characters based off of them in a video game I’m sure Harrison ford would be picked to play them in a movie based off the game.

  5. They could be brothers indeed, have similar features. The angle is good, however OP could’ve used another Sam picture where he‘s not smiling. For people not that familiar with Sam, saying they don’t look a like.

  6. Dude I looked up if he was the actor because one day I was watching it at the same time I was playing. It’s insane. But yeah it’s not him

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