Cops searched Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen’s home for 12 hours: neighbors

  1. I wonder that too, except someone suggested he IS one of the "witnesses" one of the sketches was made from...and he flubbed it to throw them off

  2. The witnesses did not want to participate in the sketches because they fully conceded that although they saw the man in Libby's video, it was from a distance, he had a hat on, the lower half of his face was covered by a scarf or gator. They said up front from the beginning that they could not pick him out of a line up, or identify him if he walked up to them in different clothes without a hat or face covering.

  3. It has been said that he went to the Police, one week after the murders to witness he had a walk at the park and bridge that day, and timeframe.

  4. Yesterday I was talking to a psychologist I know about all this and what we both figured is that they most likely found the missing clothes or something he was wearing that day or perhaps something he had with him that day that could have one or both of the girl's DNA on it. Whatever it was it was major.

  5. And also let’s not forget that these monsters like to keep souvenirs from their victims. Maybe they found something that incriminated him undoubtedly.

  6. I'm hoping it's DNA. What could make such a breakthrough after 5 1/2 years? Could it be that a relative tested their DNA and opted in to sharing it on the database? Genetic genealogy has been solving so many cases in the last couple of years - maybe this is another one.

  7. If something was missing, it would be on the Ron Logan search affidavit. Meaning, whatever was missing, they originally thought RL had it. But I can’t recall anything like this in the affidavit

  8. What stands out to me is that people in the area seem to be very have police searching a house in their neighborhood and not think that it could be related to Abby and Libby murder. According to people who live in the area... no one even suspected that was the case and no one started a rumor about the police searching the house and everybody just went about their own business as if it was nothing. Then they all were so surprised when the arrest was announced. And those who interacted with them at work say... 'oh he was so nice, they were so nice' ...but their next door neighbors state ' they kept to themselves they weren't friends with anybody, and never really talked to anybody.' ...They lived in that home since 2006.

  9. My neighbor murdered her boyfriend and the search of the house took about that amount of time, probably more because they had to sift through all of the garbage. One of the items they found was a jar of pickled locusts (!!!) she'd stolen from a school she worked at.

  10. I would love to what RA looked like as a younger man. Like many, did he use a younger pic of himself to catfish the girls with a fake profile. The nose in the 2nd sketch is so dead on

  11. That's what I was wondering when they said they had some physical evidence one wouldn't expect. I was wondering dog or cat. There's a video from fb of him with an orange cat.

  12. This info was released by HLN within an hour of the press conference. Why couldn’t the police at least say something like “After receiving new information, the police conducted a search at a property in Delphi on October 13th. The results of that search lead us to take a man into custody a couple of weeks later and he has now been charged with two counts of murder”.

  13. The police do not care if you dont think they sound confident. The sister announced “today is the day”. Thats confident. If they took KK’s Dna as he him self stated they did, and police also stated they “Knew” he didnt do it, then we can be asssured that they have DNA. If they tested his DNA, he’s done.

  14. Plus, Bail would've been set if the cops had doubts. No bail is a very good indication/confirmation of having caught the killer, IMHO.

  15. Yup they probably arrested him because he had nothing to do with the case, makes sense when you think about it

  16. This makes me ask how it is that in a town so small (pop. ~2500) witnesses weren’t saying names. If the town is small, like say a school campus size, didn’t people see other people they could specifically name not have to describe for a sketch?? This was before COVID so no masks and if I took a walk around my small town, I could name names of some people I saw. Delphi people admit knowing of him from the neighborhood, the pool hall and seeming most of the town would have encountered him fairly regularly at their CVS pharmacy. I know whole families names because of my kids growing up and going through the schools. So if I went for a walk a kid might say to my kid; hey, I saw your Mom the other day in XYZ park. Does that make sense?

  17. I wouldn't say decent chance, but the vagueness of law enforcement about what/why Allen was arrested could certainly lead to speculation that they don't necessarily have alot to go on. I hope they have everything they need to lock him away if he's the guy, but almost a week without stating probable cause in some form, even redacted is concerning.

  18. while searching property, the wife stood by his side for the duration. This tells me me she was not the one that dropped the dime. And more than likely, she had not a clue he was the Troll on the Bridge.

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