Recommendations for tired feet at the end of the day at Disneyland

  1. Bring a 2nd set of shoes or even just different insoles for your shoes, swap them after each day, helps support your feet differently each day

  2. I find a good foot massage and a over the counter pain reliever helps. But that’s after the fact. I’m on my feet 10hours/ day for work. Orthopedic inserts for your shoes also help.

  3. I wore compression socks meant for plantar fasciitis for my 13 hour day in the park and had no foot pain. I also soak my feet right when I get back to my room in an epsom salt bath.

  4. Wrap your feet in a hot towel at night on the hotel bed and elevate your feet. While doing this have a drink of your choice and talk about your favorite part of the day. I also found naproxen really helpful (would have it before leaving for the park). Have the best time!

  5. Wet towels and prop your feet up in the hotel. Cool and elevation help swelling. Other than that, remember to take mid day breaks!

  6. Ill take a tennis ball, and while in line, take my foot out and roll my foot over it. It gets to be unbearable by day 2 for me. I know its kind of gross but about the only think that helps with the pain.

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