Disney Princesses Being Trans Allies

  1. Plus, one or two of them look a little uncomfortable. Not saying OP did something wrong, but they’re so forced to just listen to whatever you have to say, it must be unnerving.

  2. what a job. dealing with all the deranged "disney adults" day in day out. hell on earth IMHO

  3. Reasons why Disney Characters at the parks are just the best. I can’t tell you how many times a character has been able to brighten my day when on vacation.

  4. Lol, the characters might honestly be my favorite aspect of the park experience. And not just because of what I have compiled here. I love pal-ing around with Pooh and Mickey and Buzz and Woody and the rest of the gang. Disney really is magical. :) Best wishes.

  5. what did you expect them to do? they are cast members and are on the clock, of course they will be nice to you. do you expect someone dressed as Elsa for $20/hr to console you or explain their actual viewpoint?

  6. Yea this is weird to me, like they are basically just trauma dumping on them without their consent. They did not sign up for that lol

  7. I’m glad someone else said it. This isn’t some virtuous thing like everyone wants to make it out to be. They were basically cornered and forced to say these things (not saying they don’t hold these sentiments, but they would have said this stuff even if they didn’t, so effectively, it’s forced). Not only are they at work, they’re being filmed.

  8. It’s virtuous that this woman got to live out her Disney dream and the cast members treated her how she’s always wanted to be treated.

  9. Frankly, I think there’s a lot of ways they could have gone with this. Obviously, they would never be openly transphobic or anything. BUT, they could have given non committal, non supportive answers. “I’m glad you’re happy.” “If you think you’re a princess, that’s great.”, etc….

  10. This is some “pick me” childish behavior. Really a dick move of you to put these employees in a situation like this. Don’t do this.

  11. Odds are OP was hoping one of them would screw up, so that OP could start an internet witch-hunt and karma-farm being a victim.

  12. Every girl at Disney deserves to have her special moment with the princesses. I'm glad you got yours, even if it came a little later than others <3

  13. Thank you so much! You're so sweet. My thoughts exactly. For the first time in forever, I got to feel like a princess. And that's why I hope this gets some visibility to help other struggling trans women and girls.

  14. I wasn’t sure what you’d expect from them, regardless of their own opinion they are going to keep in line. They have no choice at the risk of losing their job, especially with a camera in their face.

  15. Hmm I feel like you put them in a weird position by doing this. I get that it helps validate your transition (congrats by the way!) but they are only allowed to give positive interactions, and if they were to feel uncomfortable or show any neutral reaction, were you going to cancel disney for being transphobic? Were you going to have a terrible experience and have the Disney magic ruined for you because some 30 year old that clocked into work was not in the mood (or may actually be transphobic?)

  16. Absolutely everything about this comment. I will always and forever support LGBT+ rights, but this could have gone so wrong, and probably made the cast members uncomfortable by making them wonder exactly what they should say to keep them from losing their jobs. As adults, we have to remember that these beautiful people are trying to keep the magic alive while also paying their bills and have to deal with a lot of harassment. They did not ask for this!

  17. So this is something I’ve wanted to do ever since I was a scared, little trans girl hiding in the closet. When I was six, seven, eight years old, I used to wish that I could be a princess, and while I didn’t quite understand what it meant to be transgender at the time, playing make-believe alone in my room where no one could see made me feel more “me” than anything else. But my play sessions were always tainted with shame and fear. Shame that I was doing something sinful and fear that no matter how hard I might try, a natal male such as myself could never possess the virtue that defined a real princess. And in my child brain, a thought emerged. I reasoned that if Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and the others endorsed my candidacy as a princess, then that was the end of the discussion; that was the last word. For who could argue against the authorities on the matter?

  18. We could tell some of them were speaking from their hearts. Using their own words rather than than their scripted/in character responses.

  19. My dear I don’t know what you expected, they’re literally paid to be as kind as possible to people. It’s one thing if you did this for your own personal validation without filming, or even if you filmed and kept it to yourself for reassurance on rough days…but posting it for internet points just feels gross. Putting these women in potentially uncomfortable conversations while being filmed, and especially posting it online repeatedly, is rude and selfish of you.

  20. This just made me cry. What a brave soul you are for going through everything and how beautiful these CM’s are. Sending love to everyone 💕

  21. Thank you so much. Always a pleasure to come across a fellow dreamer. No matter what anyone says, we know that Disney magic is real. Wishing you all the best too!

  22. Started watching rn on my break at work and I gotta come back and finish later because it got me a little teary eyed tbh lmao.

  23. This is the most amazing, magical post ever. I had tears throughout this entire video. You ARE beautiful and they know it too. All the best to you my dear 💜💜

  24. I am SOBBING at work, this is so cute and wholesome and as a fellow-transgirl, go you! This is so inspiring!

  25. Omg, thank you so much! This is why I made this video in the first place; I know how hard it can be sometimes. Just remember that we are princesses. Cinderella, Belle, Ariel said so themselves. Best wishes!

  26. I would be BAWLING if I were one of those princesses. I’d just want to hug you and tell you that you ARE a real princess and always have been.

  27. Aww...thank you so much for your kind words :) It really means a lot to me that you emphatically see me as the princess I want to be. Lots of love to you!

  28. Wow absolutely beautiful. So happy you were able to experience these moments and thank you for sharing them. Incredibly heartwarming

  29. Imagine going to force poor employees to affirm you. Guess you had to since you know YWNBAW. :) We are all laughing at you on the farms!

  30. This is so weird and bordering on creepy. Don't dump your life story on random employees that are forced to listen to you. They aren't therapists. It's great to come out and be true to who you are but it's not okay to force random people to listen to you trauma dump.

  31. Watch! Sooner or later, Disney will come out with a trans Prince or Princess… and it will be inspiring, moving and magical, just like any other Disney movies! Of course, there will be friction coming from the Republicunts… but the global box office haul will show that there’s still more good in this planet than bad.

  32. My mom just walked in and asked why I was crying and I showed her and now she’s crying. My sibling is trans and sometimes they would want to be buzz light year and sometimes they wanted to be a princess and this was just so sweet to see. They all seemed so sincere.

  33. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. That really warms my heart. Not to be nosy, but did your space ranger/princess sibling get a chance to see the video?

  34. I love characters they are so patient and the energy they put into their roles to give us(kids and adults) magical moments is amazing. I have so many memories of with them as a child as and adult and with the children in my family.

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