My dog refuses to walk up the stairs

  1. Go to the grocery and get a rotisserie chicken. Give them a piece or 2 at the bottom. Then go up a few steps and sit there with some chicken. Wait. you dont need to say anything. They will join you soon. then keep moving up & down and share chicken.

  2. This! We had the exact same experience with our rescue who had never experienced stairs or elevators. She was absolutely terrified; she’d freeze and wouldn’t move. We took it incredibly slow, and bribed her with cut up pieces of hot dog (not the healthiest treat, but she’ll do literally anything for them)!

  3. And smaller requirement for treating. Treat near the staircase, sniffing the staircase, leaning towards the treat, then maybe one step, then an easy treat again for leaning, then one more step, and so on.

  4. Has he had problems going up other stairs? See if you can figure out what exactly his problem is with this staircase, probably the material, shape, or steepness. My dog has no problem going up stairs but is scared to come down if they are too steep or don’t have much traction, so keep that in mind. How old is he and how long would you be planning on living there? If he’s on the older side it would probably be best to try and find a different apartment since you wouldn’t be able to carry him if there’s a vet emergency and going up and down stairs may be hard on his joints.

  5. He is 1,5 years old and we plan to live there until we can afford to buy a place to live (in about 2-3 years)

  6. Had the same problem with our 100lb plus Bernese/Rottweiler. She would do some stairs ok but terrified of others, and this was from being a puppy -obviously carrying her was not an option for long. What worked for us was using a technique that has you use the leash to support underneath - it might not be exactly the same video but the idea is the same from “Bobs Pet Stop”. While they demo a puppy, the same thing worked with her being fully grown. We also tried super high reward (steak, chicken etc) but it was “belly support” that worked for her :).

  7. If you have time before moving work on stairs every day. If these are open and he's fine on closed steps then find a flight of open stairs near you to start out. Mark and reward him looking at, moving towards, touching, putting foot on, 2 feet, 3 feet, going up a step and going back down. Once he can handle open straight stairs go visit your new place and do the same progression there. Down is harder than up too.

  8. I'm not sure if this is the best way, but if probably just put my dog in the middle of the stairs and leave them there until they made a decision up or down.

  9. My dog used to be afraid of doorways so just facing the fear by pushing her through was how we dealt with it.

  10. We have a similar issue, our chocolate lab won’t go up stairs but we have a new two story home (he grew up in a one level) and he just lives downstairs. We haven’t found any treats that work and it’s not that he’s ever fallen, he just won’t try.

  11. Make it fun and reward with high value treats. Like leave a piece of cooked chicken on the 1st step, then 2nd then 3rd. Start over and add a step every time. Every time your dog eat the treat, go nuts and praise him for the good job. Do that for 5 minutes every day until he goes all the way up to get that treat.

  12. A spiral staircase on an apartment complex? Forget your dog, how is anyone going to get furniture up there? How would you haul a couch up that?

  13. We had the same problem because the stairs are so slippery and our dog slipped a few times because he was so excited to greet one of us that he lost control of his paws. This took a few weeks but hear me out: we tried to make the hallway and stairs a nice environment. No harsh words, no leash pressure, just treats and pets and encouragement. Also no too excited cheering because that made him nervous too. We just sat on the stairs calmly for 5 minutes or sometimes longer after every walk.

  14. I had to carry my dog halfway up the stairs, and then put him down and give treats the rest of the way up- getting him to thr halfway point made it so he was kinda stranded until he tackled his fear

  15. When I trained my puppy I placed her a few steps up and physically moved her front paws up the stair steps so she’d figure it out

  16. Dogs have to be taught stairs. I'd YouTube 'teaching greyhound stairs' (as they commonly don't know stairs) and that will show you the technique to use. If they're slippery stairs I'd recommend putting down some carpet or something gripoy to help with confidence.

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