Was thinking about maining draven

  1. Do not fear the difficulty of the righteous path. Allah (holy be his name) puts many difficulties infront of our life and it is through his guiding hand that we are able to overcome them. You will find brother droben to be very rewarding to pilot under the hand of Allah inshallah

  2. Hard, but definitely rewarding. Pretty much the definition of a feast or famine champion since so much of his power is loaded into his ability to stack items quickly as long as you can consistently catch axes and cash in those stacks.

  3. Aphelios' difficulty is less in micro and more in knowledge and weapons rotation macro. A lot under the hood, but drives relatively easily.

  4. Aphelios isnt mechanically hard. He just requires setup and good use of gun combos and situational awareness of his power. Draven is mechanically harder. Ive 300k draven 120k aphelios

  5. I’ve always had more trouble with Draven axes than Kalista passive, but kalista only has two abilities without your brain dead support

  6. it is harder and even once you master him completely you might lose but nobody carries harder than a good draven with 2 items ahead.

  7. YOu must first devote urself to Allah. After you have read the quran 69 times and prayed 3 times a day for at least 100 days in a row you will be ready to plauy dorben. Good luck and may Allah be wtih you brother.

  8. easy to pick up , hard to master so you can start playing him and get better by literally playing, you'll start autopiloting your axes, then u gotta learn some mechanics and its gg

  9. He is pretty hard tho and a bit inconsistent too. You need INSANE positioning with your axes and decision making which axe you should catch and which is too risky. But also you HAVE to get kills not takedowns to proc your passive that's what I mean by inconsistency. You have to rely on the rng of randomly getting the last hit onto an enemy. And the ult is also kinda hard to hit and has outplay potential with flash. So yeeeah he is pretty hard.

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