Free-to-play? I'm lost

  1. Because i dont want to wait until next year, i wanna play it now. And 30 bucks is not that much, so i was thinking why not

  2. Same for me. After December I won’t have much time to play anymore so it’s great to get a little head start

  3. You're paying for early access and moonstones (premium currency). Each pack gives moonstones bases on the price.

  4. You get early access by several months, plus cosmetic items and premium currency to use to buy more cosmetic items. They're called founders packs (

  5. I don't wanna wait that long and also you get a few bonuse if you pay now. Bonuses in terms of in game items and currency.

  6. The same reason people pay to see movies instead of waiting for them to come out at home or ordering fast food instead of cooking it yourself- it's enrichment, you pay to have it faster and enjoy it. If you're okay waiting then thats fine, if you want it now you pay for it. Currently you can get the deluxe packs too with extra cosmetics etc

  7. Because some absolute genius realized you could replace professional QA testers with customers who will pay the game studio for the privilege of doing that job instead.

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