how did you set your goal weight?

  1. it’s funny you reach for a round lb number when you normally use kg because I tend to convert lbs to kg and pick a round kg number instead. i’m american, I never use kg.

  2. Man I feel this vibe on a deep level… I have so much I want to say about this but I honestly can’t even type it out as feels way too messed up

  3. do they tend to be shorter? i’m like an inch taller than you and I know that weight puts us both heavily into uw. I also know a lot of kpop people are both disordered and uw, but I looked unpleasant at a higher weight than that, and they usually look good?

  4. I set my GW from peak ED tumblr before everything was sensored. Specifically from russian girls GW since many of them have the same exact goal. Mine changes sometimes when I see someone whos body looks really good at a certain weight but typically I go back to the russian inspired GW

  5. I'm from Ukraine and when I got down to that GW I was deemed too normal for ED despite losing most of my hair and periods as well as passing out as soon as whatever measly food I've had got digested, kek

  6. Same, but when I got to that number it wasn’t enough. Tall gang rise up. I got weighed before and the doctor said, “where?! Oh I guess you’re tall”

  7. Based on NHS treatment criteria I found, not sure how old it is, but they called up to a p damn low bmi "mild" anorexia, so ofc w knowing the nhs refuse to treat me for my mh despite my risk being counted as high, "severe" anorexia is my only chance of getting my (c)ptsd treated

  8. i am a Numbers Enjoyer just in general so i just pick ones that sound pretty. it has to be odd for some reason even numbers feel fat

  9. yes! even numbers are round and full to me. odd ones tend to be long or have sharp edges. didn't realize i thought that way until you said it.

  10. You’re so right, even numbers sounds fat. I don’t know what it is about them, or maybe it has to do with their shape. I love how 7 looks, it’s so sharp, it’s a skinny number.

  11. honestly i wanted a satisfying number. i have ocd and im pretty obsessive about numbers in general... so yeah lol

  12. hiii so random but my gf has ocd that focuses around numbers too! i was wondering if you could expand? beyond your ed as well?

  13. When I was young I heard an asshole say that “any woman over -redacted number- lbs is fat!” And it just…stuck. So despite that fact that I am tall enough that that number will never be healthy or even likely for me, that’s the one that my brain fixates on.

  14. I can't find it but I heard that Ted Bundy's victims all happened to be under a certain weight and even though he is a disgusting monster, that stuck with me. Basically, I get you.

  15. I looked up Zendaya's and Hunter Schafer's weights and I'm like an inch shorter than they are so I figured that's a good goal. Idk if they were accurate but it's a start

  16. Zendaya is my biggest trigger I have no idea how she stays so thin like ugh I would be passing out everyday if I tried to maintain her thinness level

  17. Low side of healthy, but still would look underweight based on my bone structure and a number that “felt right”

  18. My current GW is just a few lbs underweight, with the intention that I won't feel guilty if I binge (lmao, sure I won't). I'll more than likely reduce it by a good chunk when I hit it, though. I've never been happy with my GWs. Just hit my last one yesterday and changed it immediately instead of being happy

  19. I just wanted to be underweight so I started 1 lb below my BMI lowest “healthy” weight and then continued to lower it from there once I reached those goals. FYI if you don’t know, the goal weight always changes it’s never enough.

  20. Ooof this is so true. I did the exact same thing and when I hit that weight dropped it 5lbs and then "just to be safe" another 5lbs.

  21. The NHS BMI childrens scale is different and I wanted desperately to be underweight. I’d have to reach a BMI of 16 according to the normal scale but I had to be that number to class as ‘underweight’ in my mind. I reached

  22. lol mine is the weight my mom mentioned when i was little. in retrospect and given her current weight I actually think she was probably complaining about a high weight for her, but i’m taller and bustier than she is and the weight is one that I can’t maintain without a ton of work. it’s about

  23. Mine was chosen based on when I'd be considered underweight according to BMI, then I rounded the number down.

  24. It sucks… but I researched the lowest healthy weight for my height and went a few pounds below that to compensate for food weight/poop weight

  25. my original GW as a kid was just what my (toxic) mom thought was “correct.” now every time i relapse it’s whatever the lowest weight i hit the last time was 🙃

  26. My first goal weight, as I'm overweight now, is 1lb less than the weight my mother blathers on about holding until she "got stuck" pregnant with my sister. My original goal weight was higher until she found out what it was, laughed, and said "Yeah right, you'll never lose that much, if you ever manage to lose anything". Hurrah for toxic parents.

  27. Wanted to go back to the place where I was a relatively happy child (aka before my mental health issues started), so, however irrational it is, I decided on the weight I was at at that time.

  28. Basically, my weight as a teenager didn’t really change at all. Then I had a huge growth spurt in high school and grew 4”… and a lot of weight came with it. I always wanted to get back to that previous number but knew it wouldn’t happen at my height.

  29. unfortunately i struggle with binge eating so my GW is the highest end of a healthy weight for my height, but my UGW (you know the one) is the weight of my celeb th*nspo, i guess i was just like omg her body yas i’ll be that weight!! when in reality even if i reach that UGW i won’t ever look like that person bc everyone’s proportions are different and sadly that’s something we have to remember. even at the same height and weight someone can look a million times different. i guess it’s comforting to choose a goal weight just to have a goal in mind for motivation. most people have a goal weight that they haven’t hit before so it’s hard to tell what you’d look like at that weight.

  30. I only enjoy weights (and numbers) that end in digits x or y and my goal weight is the lowest number that I know I can realistically maintain that ends in one of those. Also the digits are Good Numbers, that's just lucky and due to my height.

  31. It's the weight i was in 8th grade, i remember i got weighted and it was the first time i noticed it and remembered, it's the first time i cared a little about it. I was proud of being skinny

  32. I chose mine so I could say I lost a specific number of pounds when my friends/family asked how much I lost. Now I realize I can’t exactly tell them I’m purposefully underweight but I already got attached to the number I chose 🥲

  33. Mine are always weights from pre-puberty, whether it be what I weighed back then or what my friends said they weighed. I'm 25 for fuck's sake

  34. Same at first, but then I decided that since I'm some cm shorter than her I should aim 10 kg lower than my height if it makes sense? And here I'm now, even lower than that lmao

  35. I like the round number it is. Also i see women way taller than me at that weight and they’re “shockingly thin” to everyone even if i KNOW on me it would be like. Normal looking. My brain is still latched on to it lolol

  36. I just chose like 10lbs below my lowest. it was originally like i think a little less than my lowest and i think when i saw myself so close to it and realized i still didn’t like my body I made the GW slightly lower. I don’t want to be lowering it forever so i really am gonna try and get to this weight and stay but who knows tbh

  37. it's the lowest weight i've managed to get to, so that's always the benchmark/goal. when i hit it the first time i was just aiming for as low as i could go.

  38. i picked a low weight thats still in a "healthy bmi." i have never been that weight before so i have no idea how ill look. hopefully acceptable 🫠

  39. When I was a teen I picked a number I thought my small cute friends were at. Now I had a lot of weight to lose so it was more like legs get into this 10lb range and lower and lower it went until my goal became underweight and then my ugw became a cute number below that that happened to also be the number I aimed for in high school that I thought was unattainable but I guess I've learned now isn't.

  40. From my set weight, I calculated what 1/4 of it would be since I wanted to lose 1/4 of my weight. That new weight became my GW, but since it ended in a 7, I rounded down till it ended in a 5 to be prettier

  41. My first GW is just 1 pound under what I weighed when I was 14-16 and my UGW is some bullshit I thought up when I was like 12 or 13 that I liked because it seems like a number that will be skinny but not TOO skinny and it's divisible by 5 which makes my brain happy

  42. I did one hundred because it just sounds nice and even. Double digits sounded better the further I went though…

  43. I legit chose mine from a fucking musical 😅😅😅 (I had no clue about weights but just googled people my height and that weight and liked it). 😭😭😭

  44. when i was 12 i wanted to be at bmi 18 and then 7 years later and about 6 inches taller i still want to be that weight except my bmi would be much much lower

  45. eh. idfk. I have a goal range more than anything. no idea how I got it. this is a very good question how the fuck did I do that. my head is spinning nothing matters I'm yeah no goodbye wtf

  46. at first when i started losing weight and had somewhat of a healthy mindset it was to be bmi 25 on the dot. the number however was X7 and i didn't like how it wasn't a whole number so i made it to X0. then i made it to be bmi 18.5 on the dot. this number was Y1. Same problem so i made it Y0 but then i was like "Im so close to Z9!", same problem as above so now my ugw is Z0.

  47. I don’t mean this in rude way or as a joke, this is genuine question (I’m autistic). How do you find thinspo in anime characters ? What does it feel like ? And why. ?

  48. 105lbs at 6’1. I’ve been lower and was still in perfect health but my face started looking weird and I don’t want to look too immature to my clients. Even at my fattest I’ve always been technically “under weight” lol which is so laughable. I think it’s like vanity sizes and how they started making clothes labeled as smaller sizes but really they were larger so that people could be happier about the size they fit into. There is no way that I was actually thinner than ideal at bmi 17. Either that or we are all brainwashed, or “fat”washed if you will into believing that “healthy” or “underweight” or “overweight” thresholds are way higher. I’d look like a beached whale at even the lowest end of normal

  49. For metric unit users, the standard for a “skinny” weight in my country is (your height) - 120. For example, 160 - 120 = 40. 40 would be the ideal weight.

  50. i used to just want to be as skinny as every other dancer when my ED was first starting out, although i did weigh myself regularly i didn't really have a "goal weight" just a "goal look"

  51. Mine was what I was when I was 14 years old (no not at all healthy considering I’m now a fully grown adult but I remember being 14 and being happy with my wright so 🤷🏻‍♀️). It’s changed since some pandemic weight gain though to be a little higher and seem more manageable

  52. We were learning about the bmi in middle school and the hottest girl in my class said how much she weighted. Haven't forgotten that number ever since.

  53. For me, my first ever GW was from setting a goal to lose weight and get in shape for cross country and “glow up” my sophomore year, but ofc I got to the GW and kept getting lower and lower. Now I have a GW that’s in a healthy BMI range and more so focus on measurements rather than a number relative to gravity! Honestly, I’m in the ballpark of

  54. It was 95 got down to that then I got down to 90.something trying to get back to that. But if I drop lower than that then it'll be whatever number that is

  55. I Picked the number that was just into UW for me. That was my ugw. And then between where I was and then was 10lb GW. So I had my crazy UGW that I could work towards. But smaller goals I could reach monthly and then bi-monthly as I came down. I'm now within 5lb of said UGW and it's pretty cool but as long as I stay within a 10lb range of it my ED is happy ironically. So kind of a win for me somehow. I'm also laid up with covid and very curious to see if I can hit UGW with covid 😅🤣🤣 Oh the toxic brain

  56. I chose it because both my weight in kg's and my bmi would be pretty numbers and I've seen other people at that bmi look exactly how i want to look

  57. I picked mine because it's unrealistic for my height but not impossible and that's the whole point. defying expectations.

  58. It was first a certain number, then I reached it and body dismorphia is no joke so I kept trying to lose 2 more lbs. then you keep going and going and going and no number satisfies you.

  59. deadass from that tiktok filter trend that guessed peoples’ weight, and then they would show if it was accurate. every girl weighed the same underweight number, and it made me feel not super great about being at a healthy weight. almost sounds like a joke 🫠

  60. My og gw was a weight I was at when I was like….in 6th grade (before I hit puberty and noticed change) but then one sick and twisted person told me that I’d look better at a weight xx lbs lower (I was in my peak Ed mind) and ever since then I’d wanted to be that weight. It sucks bc I KNOW I can’t do it (I’d probably die), but good god a part of me wants to hit it

  61. by accident. the lowest weight i could sustain for about a year without feeling horrific was 85lbs. but i most commonly sit at 93. so that range is ideal for me

  62. mine was super specific and ended with a 7. I think it was because it was between a number that felt Too Low and one that felt Too High, but so close that realistically I’d fluctuate between the three rather than stick firmly to the “perfect” one haha

  63. Used to be based on Russian-speaking ED scene "ideal" for my height but I was considered too normal-looking when I reached that despite being a walking dead so go figure. Too many skinny girls in Ukraine.

  64. been obsessed with number 3 ever since i was a kid, for some weird fucking reason, so mu current one is 33kg. i'm gonna be pretty much dead, before i get there, though.

  65. I had a restrictive ed before eating disorder culture was really a thing, so I didn’t have a “goal weight” but I was really excited to hit

  66. current gw is 50kg.. idek why. im 51.5 rn and it seems doable. ugw changes everyday. i hit a gw and i just minus a few from that and keep going

  67. Mine is the weight I was when I was first sexually assaulted. I never connected the two until a few years ago, but I'm pretty sure they're related 🤔

  68. In Mean Girls the musical Regina George has a line like ‘I never weigh more than 115’ in a song about how attractive and popular she is. As a musical theater geek I listened to it in middle school, and it always kind of stuck with me.

  69. For me it’s 5lb less than my cw it started out slowly “if I lose 5lb I’ll look better” and whenever I reach that goal it’s not enough and I go 5lb lower Ana doesn’t let me live peacefully cuz now my bones r sticking out and I look sick but I still feel incredibly fat

  70. It used to be XX lbs but now I’m really close to that and know it won’t be anywhere near enough so now it’s lowered by XX lbs which sucks… the goalpost will always change no matter how low you get. What you might’ve considered to be an UGW in the past could very easily change to a number you’re absolutely terrified to go over by even the slightest fraction of a pound.

  71. I picked the weight I was most happy at. At 5' 2" that weight has been and always will be 118-124lbs. I am 53 (127lbs) and still try to achieve this goal. It's a healthy weight for me as I still have boobage and buttage.

  72. im european so it was always 50 because it's such a nice number, but minus a tiny bit so 49.8 (~110lbs). the lowest i ever got was 50.2 LMAO i'm too tall for this.

  73. my goal weight is half my starting weight (I was obese so it actually isn’t underweight) - I really want to be able to say to myself that I’ve lost half my body weight for some reason

  74. because i’ve seen myself at various stages and i know what i look best at. thin but some shape….. after a certain number (low 100s) i lose all my ass and it gets saggy. my arms, thighs and waist look ahhhmazingggg but i don’t have the whole package. i hide my butt in the lower weights. i used to not care and would want to be as low as i can but now i care about how i look instead of just wanting to see how low i could go.

  75. i just picked the most achievable number that was under three digits. since i'm short it just seemed logical and the only way i would ever be "small enough."

  76. I based it off my ideal body weight (IBW). I had a nutrition and dietetics subject during my previous semester and that's where I found out how to calculate my IBW.

  77. the goal weight that is slightly underweight but nothing too underweight to get me pulled out of sports and into treatment

  78. I looked over at another girls fitness paper in middle school that showed out measurements, and she was 97.5 lbs. so that was my goal, and I still really like that number.

  79. Honestly I never wanted to be under weight, I’ve always wanted to be at a 19 BMI I’m already a tall girl I like my legs.

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