What's a food you weirdly resent for its calories?

  1. I resent all liquids for having calories, tbh. Like, fruit juices should not be caloric. Nor should milk. That’s stuff you drink on the SIDE. Or stuff you put into your CEREAL. It’s not REAL food. So it shouldn’t have real calories! (Makes no sense, I know, but that’s how my brain thinks, lol).

  2. Omg the calories in alcohol I swear to god.. my body has a stupidly high tolerance (I blame genetics), and sometimes I’ll have like 7 shots and feel NOTHING. Like thanks, so glad I just wasted those calories. That’s a big reason why I’ve mostly given up drinking, so positive benefit, I guess?

  3. literally my first thought! that shit is so fucking NASTY! like pure vodka tastes like it should flush or burn all the fat out of your body in one shot

  4. this might make no sense but sugar. like bruh you add nothing, no nutrition, no satiation, it’s basically salt but sweet so it shouldn’t have calories😤

  5. Visually sugar and salt look the same. Therefore they should both have negligible calories. Makes sense to me!

  6. Nuts you look so harmless but holy shit a few of you the size of my finger nail is like eating a whole jar of pickles uhhhh

  7. I cant have nuts at home. If I have them near me its, nom, nom, nom while doing something and not even realizing that I just nomed a whole can of peanuts. "just one" turns into a lot of "just ones".

  8. I have to separate the cans / jars / whatever into serving sizes because I do not have self restraint around peanuts or cashews, they’re so GOOOOOOOD

  9. Omg yes!!! I love almonds because its the only nut that doesn't make me feel like my throat is closing up. Plus, they're just very pleasant when paired with a lot of things. I remember when I first got almond butter and ate 2-3 tablespoons a day.. that was before i got into calorie counting

  10. but they are so satiating. if i eat a handful of nuts im no longer hungry for a couple hours. better than binging on unfulfilling stuff lol. same with like 70%+ dark chocolate, a few squares of those with coffee and im not hungry. both r high calorie and high fat but make great snacks to prevent binging and promote satiation

  11. Onions have soooooo few so I don't count them either. A whole large onion has less than half a slice of normal bread, so it's really minimal. I usually eat half or a whole one and I don't count it.

  12. I recently discovered this high fibre, high protein, low Carb bread that is kinda nasty but when you use it for a sandwich it actually is kinda amazing and it made bread feel safe, BUT THEN MY LOCAL SUPERMARKET STOPPED SELLING IT I'M SO MAD ABOUT THAT

  13. I crave bread more than anything else, especially a good french baguette. My dad buys fresh ones all the time and the minute he walks through the door with it my heart sinks and I have to go upstairs to avoid looking at it, lol.

  14. They used to be my safe food and then overnight...nope, can't do them. So now I'm stuck with a massive bag of them.

  15. Never in my life have I ever been a chip person but looking at the serving sizes for that shit still depresses me like sometimes it can be 7 or 9 chips like shit like that is why I like to weigh out my food because honestly what the fuck

  16. I don’t even mind that they’re calorie heavy. I mind that the flavour gets better the further down you get, so I end up eating the whole bag in one sitting because “I might as well get a little bit further for more flavour before stopping” (repeat x50)

  17. i deeply resent grapes lol like why the fuck are you so caloric, you're tiny. i could eat two whole bags without feeling slightly full or ready to stop, that shit is way too good.

  18. Grapes are so good for fulfilling the act of eating without consuming too many calories, but then I forget that I’m actively eating them and could spend hours eating them without realizing, unlike similar foods like strawberries. The only way to stop myself from eating thousands of grapes in a single sitting is freezing them first.

  19. Nuts and seeds. They don't taste that good for that many calories. They should be amazing for that much but they aren't. I also hate almonds (a seed) in any form. I could only understand them if they were zero calories, but they are not.

  20. Cheese and butter... you can literally make anything you are added to taste better but you’re so damn calorie heavy

  21. Olive oil. Literally the start of every dish, it's the one ingredient that's probably in everything you get at a restaurant, it is so high calorie I genuinely don't understand why people use so much of it and in like everything. And then there's people who just dip bread in olive oil and act like it's the best thing ever??? How?? Like HOW

  22. Tbh bread dipped in olive oil with salt and balsamic is the best. But it comes at a terrific caloric cost 🥲

  23. I aspire to have the confidence of a Brazil nut someday. The pure audacity to exist like that is unparalleled.

  24. On the other hand the possibility of selenium poisoning terrifies me so much that I've never binged on them the way I have with other nuts lol

  25. Yes sometimes you just need a spoonful, they are so beneficial too! Not fair!! I've tried the powdered stuff and can't make it... Tolerable haha the texture and flavor are just a hard pass

  26. Wonder spread makes a version that’s half the calories. The texture is spot on but I’m personally not a fan of the artificial sweetener taste. But it may be worth a try.

  27. Toned milk. My parents make me drink 2 full glasses daily🤮 even though I'm 23, they gotta dictate my food choices. No wonder I turned out like this.

  28. trail mix😡 i had a small binge of a few packets… turned out i ate nearly 1000 calories. i spent the rest of the whole day mad

  29. All "healthy" plant foods, especially fruits and vegetables, and especially green vegetables. Incredibly nutritious and yet they insist on adding calories.

  30. Calories in seasonings don't exist, the very least I'm gonna do when I'm finally cooking myself a proper meal is make it taste good

  31. I was so angry when I read the calories per 100g on the pot of my chilli powder. What am I going to drown my sad vegetables in now?

  32. salad dressing makes me so mad, even the vinaigrettes i make at home. enough to actually dress my salad is a stupid amount of calories i hate oil

  33. Rice! Sorry, but I can have yummier and more filling foods for the same calories. Plus, unless I measure it before cooking, I never know how much I’m really having and that scares me. Mfs can pour a bunch of oil in there and I wouldn’t even KNOW. Fuck rice.

  34. Boba pearls and olives. Boba pearls have crazy amount of calories, I think it’s like 5 per ball?? And I used to down olives like pickles but they’re also 5 calories per olive!

  35. Pasta and rice. They have no business being that high calorie for a little bit cooked. How can i enjoy my meals when just the base, PLAIN, is so high cal

  36. Seasonings, if anything if there's one thing I'll do is season my damn food my ancestors would strike me down If I didn't but learning the calories of garlic powder after I ignored it for so long broke me but you beet believe I'm still gonna fucking use a shitload of it though

  37. I refuse to look up the calories in garlic powder. I won't do it I don't wanna know. If I don't know, it's still calorie free right? 👀

  38. Those negative calorie charts really effed with me in the 2000's. I still resent all of those foods now that I know negative calories aren't a thing.

  39. I was so afraid of any kind of nut because I used to think how much calories they contained.Especially peanut butter

  40. I am devastated that you can’t have low calorie chocolate. Why can’t the universe give me one thing

  41. If seltzer can be calorie free, why hasn't anyone done that to beer yet? Our scientists are not working hard enough smh

  42. Oh gosh I’ve always ignored onion calories assuming they were low enough to be negligible for a small slice- what have I done (cries in the background)

  43. Spoiler: they are negligible. I'm just neurotic enough to get worked up over the extra 20 calories (I also put large amounts of onions in my dishes).

  44. Olives 👎🏻👎🏻 I know they have hella oil in them bc y'know.. olive oil.. but they should be like pickles!!

  45. Garlic, not just onions but fucking FRIED onions you know the crispy ones, low cal drinks that are still over 5 cals, gum, the oat milk I put in my cereal, any sauce/dressing except if it's part of the recipe, low cal lolipops, those yummy fizzy vitamin supplements that dissolve in water, the oil I put in the pan and then wipe off just so there's a tiny layer of oil on the pan

  46. Why are lemons basically no calories? And yet oranges mysteriously have them? Why won't this world make sense? 😭

  47. My two fav condiments - peanut butter and mayo. I cannot have peanut butter in my house or I’ll eat the whole container within days. As for mayo, I frickin love it mixed with hot sauce and drenched on my sweet potato fries, but the calories could actually kill me.

  48. Listen mate, there are people in this thread lamenting that a cup of black coffee has 5 calories. I can't make this disorder make sense. But I'm glad to know there are other people who can relate to intense resentment that low calorie foods aren't calorie free.

  49. Baked goods that look so tiny and cute, but have 700+ calories. I just wanna eat a pretty blueberry muffin or cinnamon roll for breakfast but I can never bring myself to do it

  50. Granola -i made my own with applesauce, honey, and a tablespoon of almond butter.. I added sliced almonds and coconut thinking that I was doing myself right by not buying store-bought granola.. I ate it with my greek yogurt and went to log it in my calorie counter. I jumped when i logged the ingredients and saw that there was 280 something cals in a FOURTH CUP!! I ate like, 1/2 a cup of the damn thing 😭

  51. Granola is so unfair. It's touted as a health food and yet there is literally no way to make it low calorie.

  52. sober? the “diet” versions of junk foods. oreo thins are soo high cal for what 😭 high on edibles? literally everything. i get so pissed thinking abt the cals bc when im high im eating everything in sight and its not fair that i gain weight from that!!!!

  53. Any snack or food meant to be eaten with something else or just as that- a snack. If I do choose to eat a meal it pisses me off knowing that I’ll be persistently hungry until the next, yet if I choose to have a snack in the meantime I end up thinking fuck the meal anyway because the stupid snack probably had almost just as many calories as if I had waited to eat the meal🤦🏻‍♀️

  54. black coffee and gum Everytime I have it I don‘t want to count the calories but feel guilty and do it anyway so annoying

  55. Mayonnaise. I fucking love mayonnaise and it has no reason being as calorie dense as it is. Also any aromatics/seasonings simply shouldn’t be allowed to have calories. Why does garlic need calories wtf is it doing? Or chili peppers?!

  56. I conditioned myself for years to think that I hated mayo and the consistency weirded me out. Well I've just come to the realization that mayo is actually delicious and adds so much flavor to a sandwich, BUT it adds how many calories?!?? So I still don't eat it, but now I want to. I wanna go back 😭. Someone help me hate mayo again 😭😭.

  57. Gummy bears. Fat free. Probably just melt into nothing in your stomach, but are loaded with calories from the sugar (and we've all read the reviews on sugar free gummy bears: Im not that brave).

  58. Butter and all oils. I just don't get how something so inconspicuous and small in terms of doses has that many cals...

  59. stuff like tea (with nothing added) or black coffee. in reality probably truly negligible, but i was recently in the US for work where they list calories everywhere, and they all had like 5-10 kcal for black coffee and it fucked my head (i am 90% recovered id say, but seeing the calorie count everywhere almost made me relapse, and kept me from eating anything more often than not)

  60. Salad dressing. I only use fat free dressings; but it absolutely mind fucks me why someone would prepare a nice; low-calorie salad only to spoil it with 200 extra liquid calories. Salads aren't worth that many calories.

  61. Those sharer bars of chocolate. Like I’m sorry but I could wolf down a 120g bar of Cadbury’s in about 5 minutes. How the fuck is that then 700 calories consumed and I don’t feel full at all?!

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