People whose life is 100% consumed by their ED, how do you sustain yourself financially?

  1. I'm 29, work part time and own my house with a parent of mine. I genuinely don't know what I'll do when they pass and I'm all alone. I'm already so lonely.

  2. This makes me so sad for you. I hate the idea of anyone being lonely. Have you considered trying a new hobby or volunteering somewhere to meet new people? I know it can be hard to make friends in adulthood but that always helps me.

  3. I have a very sedentary office job. I have to move boxes of paper sometimes and it definitely gets hard when I’ve been low restricting. Paid sick days, and I’ll throw out that I’m anemic and feeling dizzy if I really can’t do it that day. Thankfully they all just assume I’m vegan and that that’s why I’m anemic

  4. I think this is where my life is headed, but I have a hard enough time keeping house just for myself. Do you find this is easier work than working?

  5. 19 year old Uni student that lives in an apartment paid by my parents. I live with my sister and dog. I got a full ride scholarship for tuition so it’s just the living costs. I work part time on campus and bc I’m poor as fuck (make minimum wage) I get EBT so my food is paid for. If not for my parents, I would not have anything at all. I appreciate the fuck out of them and I try my best to keep my end of the bargain which is they pay for my living expenses like gas and my apartment but I have to make sure to eat enough to not die on them which is easy enough (I was hospitalized in the past and almost died and had to stay a long time inpatient to get somewhat healthy enough to function to graduate high school. They are all traumatized by that sadly) I don’t deserve such good parents :(

  6. Also I did used to work at McDonald’s for a while and it was absolutely hell especially when I would heavily restrict. I finally came into terms that if u want to be able to work efficiently and effectively, u gotta eat properly so I did up my intake and would eat 2 solid meals and snacks. I remember I used to eat like 3 protein bars a day lmao

  7. You're their daughter and they will forever love and protect you no matter what. I know how having someone paying for your living expenses can make you feel guilty or unworthy of their help but trust me, your parents would much rather have you alive and being able to support you any way they can, compared to having you starve yourself to death.

  8. I have worked on and off for years and now (at 33) I’m pretty much disintegrated (unable to function not so much from my ED but for my mental illnesses).

  9. I am a full time nanny and live with roommates. Every month I pay my bills first but the rest goes to b/p :( I live paycheck to paycheck but I wouldn’t need to if I didn’t waste $100s on binge food

  10. I am almost on the same benefits as you except I get old style esa instead of uc for other disabilities I have as well as pip

  11. I have been in this position in the past, there's absolutely no way I could've held down a job, especially not one that paid enough to live on. I sex worked, basically. There were times when I lived in supported housing which was funded by the government but I found that really difficult. Friends sometimes asked me to stay but l felt guilty and they always ended up struggling with me being so unwell.

  12. I work hybrid from home and from the office and live with my partner. Financially it isn't an issue because I just don't buy much food any more. I have a really restrictive diet and the biggest problem I have is having the energy to work (esp when I have to get up at like 6am to go to the office where people are buying takeouts and stuff every day) and staying warm when I am at the office. I'm cold ALL. THE. TIME lol

  13. i only ended up passing senior year of high school bc my teachers felt bad for me and before i had been a straight A student so they knew something was wrong. i went to college last year but after a couple months got too sick and had to leave. now i live with my parents i don’t work and i can barely leave bed some days. idk what i’m going to do i feel like a failure and have no purpose. at 17 i went inpatient but now im 19 so no one can force me and i keep telling myself that before i’m 20 i’ll go voluntary bc i can’t keep living like this and i don’t think i’ll ever get rid of it but at least i need to get to a point where im not like this

  14. It's not just ED but other mental disorders. I am supported by family. I am lucky enough to have parents that are well off and have bailed me out a couple times, both figuratively and literally. I scraped by university on the bare minimum. I chose a super easy college and major because I knew I didn't have it in me and I was really just doing it to make my parents happy. I flunked out twice. Both times I kinda just stopped going to class lol.

  15. I'm almost thirty, work full time from home, live in a house we own with my husband. i am very lucky in that i have a job that pays well and asks me to do very little, making taking a day to nap and be dizzy very easy to do without taking time off.

  16. What do you do if you don't mind me asking? I struggle with jobs so much. If it's too personal feel free to ignore this!

  17. I have a full-time job, am married, and own a house. I have narcolepsy, BED(diagnosed), and more recently heavily restricted eating(not diagnosed). Caffeine and naps help me through. I'm trying to be healthier but food makes me tired because of the narcolepsy unless I binge literally all day to keep myself awake. My brain is fucked but I have to push through.

  18. Hi I'm currently thinking about getting tested for narcolepsy. Its not severe but i get super tired like four times a day, even when eating well. How did you get diagnosed?

  19. I feel you on the embarrassment of unemployment and the knowledge of how going back to work would be too much. It’s such a lonely life, living like this.

  20. I worked full time in an office job. It was definitely a lot, especially with the commute. The job itself wasn't super high pressure though. I think that I wound up subconsciously doing harm reduction because I knew that I needed to keep my job, my physical symptoms never got as bad as when I was living at home.

  21. I’m 29, living with my partner and daughter in a townhouse owned by my grandmother. I left my job last year, and she’s financially supported me during that, covering some of my utilities and car insurance. I receive assistance with food and health insurance through the state. I’ve been in therapy all year and I’m really hoping to go back to work sometime in the next couple of months and maybe regain some of my independence. I’m probably not giving it enough thought but I feel like I’ll worry about upping my intake whenever I get to that point.

  22. SAHM, my husband is an RN. My husband knows about my behaviors, he doesn't comment on them as long as I don't let myself get UW 💝 It is getting harder to hide my behaviors from my kids as they are getting older and I homeschool them 😬 I've had my ED for almost 20 years, I don't think it's going anywhere unfortunately.

  23. Live at home with parents (whom I am fortunate enough to be financially dependent on). no friends, no ambition for the future, no hobbies. Never finished high school so college isn’t on the table and let’s be real, I don’t have the mental stamina or focus to keep up with the course load. Everyday is more or less a repeat of the same rituals and compulsions. It’s a very sad and pathetic existence

  24. I work full time, but the rest of my weekdays are spent essentially eating and working out. I get exhausted during the day and usually barely survive until the end of my shift. It’s part of my motivation to recover. I can’t live like this anymore. Honestly, when I worked part time, it allowed me to get very bad into my ED. Had I not had the luxury to do that, I probably wouldn’t be so bad now.

  25. I work 55ish hrs weekly in a kitchen where I have independent access to and control over virtually any and all of the food. I barely functioned working retail because the food thoughts would become overwhelming when I had little autonomy over when and how long I was allowed to eat, in addition to my own disordered rules etc. I can work all day long as a model employee, bring home enough food to satisfy my b/p urges for the day, and get my bills paid. All my coworkers think I'm just very passionate about the career prospects.

  26. I just got a 30hrs a week office job (my first sedentary job). I don't see myself being able to ever do anything fulltime even if i just sit all day i tried and failed at that. Very lucky to have a partner who is okay with that (long distance) but i still get shamed a lot. I have no education or skills besides cleaning and silly little hobbies i can't monetize. I pay my part of rent, my mom houses and feeds me. Me and bf are slowly saving for my visa. It sucks having to depend on people. But i'm very lucky to have them also.

  27. I'm a stay at home mom with 2 boys, my husband works while i also get about $1,200 VA disability. I plan on getting more disability eventually for my eating issues because the army definitely fucked me up in that department.

  28. thank fucking god i live in finland lmao i've been living on disability pension for the past 7 years because of my mental health 🤡🤡🤡 i'm 25 and haven't gotten a high school diploma i'm literally nothing i'm just deadass living on other people's taxes and well, barely even doing that lmao i spend all my days alone in my apartment in my bed ksksksk if i didn't live here and had to survive without this level of social security i wouldn't. i straight up would've been dead years ago.

  29. Holy shit , there is another ! Im in exact same situation . Im 22 though but didnt graduate . Im supposed to go to amis but cant function so l just sit on my ass all day . Also from finland ! Havent been able to get theraphy or help so im stuck like this for now . Also respectfully- fuck being nothing , you are not nothing , you are struggling and these systems are in place to help people . You are not worth less that other because of all this . Hopefully someday things will improve for you !

  30. i work full-time at the family business and rent an apartment with my s/o. it's really difficult to keep up pretenses and have the energy to take care of my partner, who's a student rn.

  31. I don’t work. My sugar daddies and boyfriends take care of me. I take online classes to keep me busy. People say that sounds nice but I wish I could work and make my own money. It’s scary to depend on people. I’m never sure who is gonna stay.

  32. unique situation im in a training program with the end goal of coming out a professional Broadway dancer and i kind of pseudo-recovered purely out of absolute necessity. my days are insane like 10-12 hours and sometimes i don’t even get breaks to eat. im not really spending that much money on food… because I’ve also somehow found the time to get involved in the nyc nightlife scene lol. that’s way more of a money eater than the food thing. but 90% of the time i can get a guy to buy things for me because pretty twink privileges lol. so yeah im getting by with the help of what’s basically prostitution

  33. I'm 17, don't go to school nor work, and I still live with my parents. I do worry about how I'm going to function once I turn 18 or when I move out

  34. I WFH in one of the FAANG so my salary is quite decent. My husband is a SWE. We own a house in a rural area and have two school age kids. I spent most of the day exercising and napping in between the meetings. I don't spend much money on my own food but the food/snacks for my kids' lunch are destroying me. The white bread loaf, pizza leftovers, and even gold fish can trigger a binge.

  35. I'm a teen so it saves me money lol. my parents buy food and whenever they ask what I want I just suggest something my boyfriend likes since he's over a lot lol

  36. im almost 22. two reasons i end up not restricting as much as i initially wanted are, the same as you, keeping energy for work, and i also live alone, and im a bit scared that if something happens, i know no one's gonna notice, so my family is not gonna get notified, cause i moved to a different country. but im still trying to restrict, however i usually end up buying stuff in the university's canteen, to not get weird looks from other people during lunch. and i work A LOT, to be sure i have more money, so i can also save some (which is not that easy now, cause of the inflation and stuff). i try not to spend too much money on random stuff, and get very annoyed if im buying food and it costs so much...

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