my ancestors on both sides of my family who starved during their lives seeing their well fed descendant have anorexia

  1. ancestors from BOTH sides of my family STARVED and were overworked they must be mad seeing us who have access to consume thousands of calories all day and do virtually nothing at all starve & overexercise

  2. my ancestors can’t say shit cause i’m like bitch ED haver no. fifteen of who’s been alive in recent memory. not my fault 😭😭

  3. Oh man I actually feel guilty as hell when they tell me how my great-grandmother struggled to feed her kids in the ruins of wwii. How one of her sisters, was literally left to starve to death because she was not 'useful'.

  4. Me when I listened to a podcast about how famine used to wipe out huge percentages of the population and they talked about how incredibly awful of a life it was to live during those famines. And I’m like over here self inflicting them 😵‍💫

  5. I WAS TALKING ABT THIS TO ONE OF MY FRIENDS A WHILE AGO 😭😭😭 I'm Irish LMFAO those poor people had to deal with the fkn potato famine and now they have to watch me walk into a kitchen FULL of food, stand in the door for a minute n go "..... nahhh" n walk away 😭

  6. Ik memes, but there's a bit of research about trauma inheritance and anorexia- this was a really interesting article on it:

  7. This just made me connect the dots that my slow metabolism may have been what helped my Irish ancestors survive. I remain ungrateful.

  8. Lmao my Irish ancestors who survived on mostly potatoes before the blight, watching me be surrounded by delicious, energy dense and disease-free tubers but refuse to eat them for the same reason they cherished them 🙄

  9. Its not genetic?!?! It can be passed down through transgenerational trauma often yes but it is defintely not passed down in your genetic material - sincerely, a biopsych student

  10. Since this is about white babies (why the abortion laws started) I guarantee you the white cis males would rather have white people die out than give birth themselves and go through all the pain and torture. Maybe some of them would be crazy enough to go through it as long as they’re still “control” in the world…who knows

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