Will ‘basic income’ become the California norm? Stockton starts $500 no-strings payments

  1. My curiosity is this: what do we do the massive droves of unskilled workers when there is—as I firmly believe will be the case—basically no market for unskilled work? When drive all the trucks, dig all the ditches, prepare and serve all the food, etc. Ostensibly they would fall under the re-education you suggest, and some will graduate out to skilled work but...what to do with the remainder? In fact we’re already seeing the result of the “everyone must go to college” philosophy as millennials entering the workforce realize that having a degree is no longer enough of a distinguishment so those that are motivated improve themselves further, and with every additional step that must be taken some percentage are left behind. There will always be a cohort of those on the bottom, and eventually there will no longer be an effective market for their services.

  2. For those who didn’t read the article, they’re doing a pilot experiment with a few thousand people. The money is not from taxes in this experiment. They’re doing this specifically to see what the impacts are. I have no idea if UBI works - neither do they - which is why they’re studying this.

  3. I used to agree with UBI until I studied economics. Since these dollars aren’t the product of increased productivity, they are effectively inflating the currency without anything to show for it. Yes the consumption would provide a short term stimulus, but in the end it would be more dollars chasing the same amount of goods, what does that cause? Prices rise = inflation. Just like when the government guaranteed they’d pay a certain amount of people’s college, tuition rises. If the government guarantees to increase the amount of dollars in people’s pockets, prices will adjust to the additional dollars available.

  4. Methinks you haven't studies economics if you believe no productivity comes from spending and that government spending constitutes inflation.

  5. What about the societal benefits of lowered desperation leading to lower crime and less wasted municipal money, and a safety net that allows people to take more risks and build businesses?

  6. Simple. We'll just distribute more paddy's dollars thus keeping the money moving and sustaining our local economy.

  7. I believe it can work when applied universally, hence why it's called universal income, and not "just a few people getting extra money"

  8. This sounds silly but it should not be a blanked income for everyone. It should have to be applied for with a simple form in which you promise you actually need it. Sure, plenty of people would abuse it but most people are actually honest.

  9. I just dont understand how California itself can afford this. As well as it doesn't take away that others will have to compensate. A simple situation of taking away peter to pay paul. I dont see it working. Just people leaving Cali that actually pay taxes

  10. But wouldn't $100 a week help? I mean it could pay for a cell phone bill and rental of a new iPhone x15. That's all THEY need to keep the masses under control. Now that's good economics if YOU want to stay in power and to sweeten the deal you have tax payers pay for it.

  11. Stockton has one bedroom apts available for $800. $500/month goes a long way in that part of CA. Minimum wage is $11.00/hr, which means housing ends up being 25% of their income instead of 50%.

  12. Its not enough to live off but hopefully the data will provide some evidence that lets them move forward with a decent amount of money, enough to give people a proper safety net to improve their lives.

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