No One is Safe

  1. There's a massive sinkhole currently covered on 104th, near City Market in the Brewery District. There's a big metal plate over the hole so people can drive over it, because there's construction right next to it, but the sidewalk keeps sinking lower and lower into the road. I'm waiting for the day when the whole thing collapses and eats a car, driver and all.

  2. Probably, much of Edmonton is, but I think some other sink holes were a result of sewer and drainage issues. Old pipes causing erosion to the point there is nothing under the asphalt and it gives in.

  3. There are a lot of mine tunnels in downtown Edmonton and sprawling out to the NE side. I don’t know how intricate the mines are downtown but I do know there is an entrance located under hotel McDonald. I would like to hope that the builders who are expanding buildings upwards made sure if there were any mines below that could affect structural integrity.

  4. A buddy of mine worked on the engineering of the Pearl tower. They had to keep digging the foundation deeper because the pilings kept hitting old coal mine shafts. There are like 7 floors of below ground parking in that place, it’s pretty wild

  5. I’m pretty sure this is actually the Infiniti dealership parking lot right beside them! I was just there a few days ago for car service, glad I wasn’t around for this 😮‍💨😦

  6. This whole city is riddled with this shit, my boyfriend works in the sewers often and the structural problems are barely maintained, and definitely not fixed permanently, because of course, money.

  7. From a distance, in the photo backround center and right , that tall grass surrounded by fractured rock , may be rain garden stormwater receptacles, rather than the older functional grated catch basins......which don't mitigate pollutants as much , but are better understood.

  8. That's another reason I drive a pickup. My car has to have an alignment every 6 months, my truck doesn't.

  9. Lol will the dealership say that this cars have been in a hole? Will they declare it to the potential buyer or just keep it to them selves?

  10. Assuming those are the dealership's vehicles and they eat the cost of the repairs, it won't show on a carfax and it's very likely that they wont declare it when being sold afterwards.

  11. I was already scared to drive to edmonton (i live 10 mins out of st albert and have my learners) so uh thanks for helping me with my fear

  12. Depends on the policy. But given that insurance does not make money by paying out on claims they will likely try to dodge it if at all possible.

  13. The dealership's insurance should cover the dealership vehicles, but covering the customer vehicle will depend on why it was there. Dealerships (and repair garages plus other similar businesses) have a special type of auto insurance that covers vehicles in their care, custody and control. So if the customer left their vehicle there for servicing, the dealership is responsible. If they were shopping as a customer, their own policy will cover (assuming they have insurance for physical damage.)

  14. city be like: if no one reported it first, not our problem. but after the initial report is completed, we will cover any expenses (pot hole logic)

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