Noticed some redditors saying Radagon is weak to fire. Decided to try it out. Take a look. Ng+3

  1. Indeed lol. Hit the first cast. Your character will be low so most of his attacks will miss at first. His foot stomp will get you tho. That first cast should knock out a huge amount of hp. Then just do whatever to finish it

  2. he is weak to fire though. he literally takes 10% more fire damage than normal enemies. thats by definition a weakness to fire.

  3. Okay this rules and I feel stupid using the super slow Flame of Fell God lol. However, what is the strat for Elden Beast?.. bc boy I am struggling.

  4. Same tactic, run in, pop infinite FP, meteorite of astel. If you're lucky enough, you can down him with one shot. Otherwise, dodge attacks after and repeat.

  5. If you can’t land good rng and meteorite of astel is not doing it for you get something with bloodhound step, have around 91 intelligence and good talismans for mage buffs and just spam bloodhound to get near him and spam carian slicer, surprisingly effective

  6. Pest threads op for elden beast if your are using incantations. Each thread will hit multiple times, and If you are under the boss you will do thousands of damage per cast.

  7. Bloodhound Step + Pest Threads. Get close use threads, use bhs to evade all of his bullshit. A good pest threads will do well over 4k per cast, bad ones are 1kish. Closer you are when casting the better.

  8. My last run I just equipped fire grease and since it was equipped my mimic used it too, we were able to take him down pretty quickly. It's a pretty easy item to craft as well

  9. Makes sense given the whole war against the fire giants :) thanks for sharing - I always struggled with radagon/ Elden beast much much more than melania

  10. Frost breath was my go-to. You need a summon to keep him busy but it melts him pretty well. Only problem was it ate two full mana bars. Radagon/Elden Beast was the only encounter I needed more mana flasks than health as a faith/arcane/dex build.

  11. For elden beast, black flame tornado and bloodhound step on secondary to close distance, I did 1/5 health with black tornado without a faith build and then the beast would keep running away spamming long distance attacks, so I used bloodhound to stay on him and he was easy picking after that

  12. I'm still shell shocked by that blinding white transition screen. Still too soon for me to try this fight again.

  13. In my experience, breaking its poise and physical attacks in general. Misericorde and a way to break its poise does insane damage to it, especially with the Dagger Talisman. I killed it almost trivially a couple hours ago on NG+2 using Flame of the Redmanes to poise break and then the crit. Only took enough damage to use one flask from it flying away a lot and spamming Elden Stars.

  14. Theres really no specific class. The class choices just determine how your starting skillpoints are set. In this video, he is using incantations, which usually require alot of faith and some intel to use.

  15. The best way to pick a starting class is to decide which stats you don't want to invest in and pick the class with the lowest numbers in those stats.

  16. I had a Lions Claw Str/Faith build with fire affinity that did 4k damage on hit. It only took about 4 flippy attacks and 1 critical to embarrass Radagon, it was awesome!

  17. Possibly lore significance? Radagon supposedly disliked his own red hair, and all Fire Giants only had red hair as well.

  18. I noticed Flame of the Redmanes melts bosses guides tell me to use Hoarfrost on, I may have to respect into my old Demon's Souls Flame Ninja

  19. "Catch flame" would've probably been better than "O' flame" here as it has slightly less damage but it's just a LOT faster and connects like "Carian slicer" was dealing 1500 per cast on my faith build(it doesn't get boosted by the giant seal tho)

  20. That's how I rolled through Dark Souls 2 version 1.0. Luckily finished it before the dumb balance changes.

  21. I mean it makes sense when you consider how we break through the seal, and also him being cursed by the giants maybe?

  22. In NG+10 one hit from him takes away 80-90% of your life at 50 vigor. Just thought i'd throw that out there. He one shots a lot too. Fun fun

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