Creation of Adam.... on my BUTTTT!

  1. Those lines look really clean! I never knew I needed Creation of Adam hands on my butt and now I'm really jealous! Well done op 😃

  2. Doooo ittttt!!!!! It was a bit of a bear doing it on the pockets, but once I figured out I didn't have to go way out and way in (like the mice sewing in Cinderella) and instead could just kind of "dip" the needle in, it was cake.

  3. So. Uhm. Is this the sort of sub where I get downvoted and banned for referencing... you know... the image 👉🍳👈... or are people pretty relaxed and well humoured here? 🐐🌊

  4. I love hand embroidered art on clothing! Awesome work. I love how visually simple yet striking it is. I hope you continue to share your work 😍🖤🔥

  5. Op that’s stunning!!!! Your reaction to the comments is adorable. Can’t handle it. Have a lovely lovely day you talented person.

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