Is it normal to unload cans, load your vehicle, deliver, pick up, unload vehicle, load cans? Do you have one job/position where you work?

  1. I been here a month as a swing courier. I unload cans from 745 to about 850, get told what route or what person I’m going to help out (I usually get 20-45 stops) get done around 1130-12. I either go back to the station to help with unloading can for response or I just go to a nearby restaurant and hang until 3pm. I clock out for one hour during that time. At 3 pm, I do my everyday pickup route which consist of about 25 stops. I get back to station around 7pm , unloading my truck, turn in paperwork and clock out

  2. I've had days like that before. I'd show up and unload/scan on the sort, get to my cargo van and fine sort, run a full time route to 3, switch routes to start a pickup route that has about 20 stops, then come back and unload my truck, help on the outbound load. Not often, and it's a full day. Especially when running a full route, but it's doable. Just don't wanna do that daily. It can be a strain.

  3. In the morning sort you can be assigned to offload cans, scan docs, sip the belt, split the belt, gather the missed packages at the end of the belt and bring them back to the top, or load multiple trucks. Then go deliver your packages. Do your pickups if you have any. And come back offload your truck then hop on the sort to make sure it gets done before the trucks leave.

  4. Depending on with whom you speak and at which station you work, but this is what I got for my first three years as a courier.

  5. At my station I work afternoons as a pickup driver, occasionally there will be deliveries to do from late freight or the AM drivers being bulked out, however FT PM driver is my position. At the end of the shift we unload all freight at the airport.

  6. Not sure if it's a rule or what, but I thought you were only allowed to work one shift topside with the cans.

  7. When I first started and I was looking for as many hours as possible, I did all those minus the reloading of the cans. I’m not good at tetrising the stuff back in the cans. Are you asking because you feel like you are overworked? I learned early on to speak up for my self and ask questions and or tell them what I was willing to put up with and what I felt was unreasonable.

  8. mid day things are like that. am never does that and i miss being on am. i avoid the managers when i get back so i can hurry up and clock out before they tell me to do something

  9. This was basically my PT schedule before I got my FT route. I signed up for this for extra time. I don't miss this at all, especially working with the cans part. The tiny ones are the worst.

  10. Yes I did it for the first 3 yrs. After 1yr ask to switch your start time say u have family problems and have to come in hr late. . Beats 3 yrs of can work ..

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