i think Hes getting existed idk cant tell

  1. Max's job is to literally hype up FGC releases so casuals get involved. He does a ton of good with the stuff. We don't have the luxury to gate keep.

  2. Max typically doesn't pretend to be super excited and into stuff that he isn't though. He was pretty cool on the game back when he thought it would be a 1v1 footsies-based fighter, and got a lot more excited when he saw it was a team game and was going to be potentially borrowing mechanics from other team games he really liked. He is a hype guy and does try to get newcomers into the genre, but he's also pretty genuine and isn't going to pretend to like something to help with that goal.

  3. People who say max isn't even good are really strange, i mean have you seen him play KI. First of all a player doesn't have to be crazy good for him to enjoy any fighting game that's not what playing fighting game is, it's about trying to be better and learn something from your losses and learning what makes your character of choice a good character also trying to adapt to your opponent style and figuring out his character. Max also plays a LOT of fighting games and for someone who jumps to the next versus so quickly he always perform. the only game he kinda liked for a while and stuck with it last year was DNF DUAL and he was so good in rank he even played the #1 player who played GHOSTBLADE and he held his own and actually took some games from him ( i don't really like DNF ). THIRD STRIKE is the only game he plays for himself.

  4. His enthusiasm during the SF6 beta was infectious. You could see him adapting in real time as he learned the new character movesets, and he’d get all excited to match up with someone from the arcade days. Heck, a big part of what he does with YoVideogames is calling back to arcade and couch play.

  5. You really think that he's all about money AND chooses fighting games over any other genre to get it? lol

  6. His excitement was kind of too much for me. I kinda suspected he's being sponsored by Riot. I mean the game is good but it's no street fighter or new Tekken etc. Seems to be a good game that's going to attract many players cause of F2P, nothing too special

  7. ? i made a meme whats the problem. in fact from what i have gathered FGC seams to hate lol player way more then lol player hate them selfs. its kinda wierd.

  8. He has a good personality and was one of the first high quality editors on YouTube. He used to be really high effort before his Twitch days.

  9. He's one of, if not the biggest FGC supporter/content creator from a casual perspective and has been doing it for pretty much over a decade now. Give the man his flowers

  10. It was the Assist Me series that made him stand out, plus his down to earth and relatable personality.

  11. So excited to play anything that's league of legends related and backed by Chinese companies I'll totally put down the fighting games I'm currently playing and looking forward to to play this instead looks great. Thank you Riot games

  12. Ah yes the company shell that actively had to be told what league of legends character did what because he knew so little about league characters lol. You're an idiot

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