What World podium would make you happy?

  1. Women: 🥇🥈An epic battle to the finish between Kaori and Kim Yelim, may the best woman of the night win🥉Bradie Tennell surprise recovery and comeback (hey, you said it didn’t have to be realistic!)

  2. My prediction would be: Hana Yoshida (1st), Leona (2nd) Kaori (3). Men : Shoma Uno (1st) Ilya (2nd), no clue 3d. ( I think Hana Yoshida is the best non-Russian senior this year. )

  3. A gold for Sasha would be the perfect ending to the arc she’s been having- she seems so much happier post-Eteri and the way she’s completely defying Russian skating norms is BEAUTIFUL

  4. Lucas is still in Juniors though. Otherwise, he'd be the heir apparent to Jason Brown with his gorgeous skating.

  5. If we're on the same page as in Nini=the Chinese junior woman on JGP this year, I like her so much! Getting a Pewter honestly seems a bit out of reach, but I hope she has a great outing anyways! Edit: typo

  6. A podium for fun: M: Shoma, Deniss, Jason W: Katia kurakova, Kaori, Yelim, Mai, loena, Eva lotte limbus all joint champions P: miura/Kihara, conti/maci, stellato/deschamps ID: Gibson/fear, guignard/fabbri, lopareva/brissaud

  7. Ok, I’ve been out of the loop - is Nathan still rehabbing his injury that kept him out of 2022 worlds?

  8. He skated at shows all summer, but watered down his jumps. His injury is probably much better now (although I think it's been nagging him for a long time), but he is committed full-time to school right now so won't be competing any time soon.

  9. It would make me happy to see the Russian skaters participating again so that they could be on the podium. Hopefully next season things will be back as they should.

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