GP Finland Men’s FS Live Chat

  1. With how much he's struggling, I feel kind of bad saying this: but did anyone else notice how Mark called one jump a quad salchow and the wordle box called it a quad toe?

  2. still skating at 35 and killing it at a gp event in your home country (that doesn’t get a gp event often) is the stuff of dreams

  3. The way Morisi's season is going, I'm going to start rooting for him more than I do for my faves - poor guy needs one good skate, this is so heartbreaking to watch!

  4. It’s a shame Wyatt isn’t here to meet Baby Virtanen and compare notes on having figure skaters for fathers lol

  5. One thing I will give American men (I mean there's more lol but this one jumps out), they really come to understand their packaging so well as they mature. Jason, Nathan, Camden, Vincent, Adam Rippon, all their programs felt very THEM once they got to a certain age. So many high profile Japanese men, their biggest competition, would do Buble and Charlie Chaplin until their feet fall off, so it really jumps out.

  6. am i a morisi fan? no. but i do really hope he’s ok, hoping he can skate better today and not have any hard falls.

  7. i actually really like this costume on morisi? it doesn’t make him look as gangly and it has sparkles! but his falls have been terrifying this comp, i’m glad he hasn’t hit his head on any of them

  8. I wish he would tone down the technical content while he works through whatever is going on with him. Surely it's not worth risking permanent injury.

  9. It’s so wild to me that Keegan pays a professional costumer to make clothes that LL Bean has been producing since at least the 70s

  10. What troubles me about his falls are that the speed alone is enough to jostle and cause a concussion, you don’t have to hit your head to retain a concussion, It’s the snap of the neck that can do it

  11. Truly admire this kid's abilities and I cringe for his longevity. I hope his body is kind to him over the years. The output is just insane.

  12. Well, Keegan had a really painful free and Adam isn't going to the GPF. This couldn't have gone worse for my hopes for this competition. I'm so sad.

  13. After the live threads of the men’s event at this comp I’m very happy to find out that I am actually a part of a group of people loving Camden’s skate AND looks instead of on my own

  14. I like how his dad is like sternest-looking and intense as ever like >:| while still supportively clapping.

  15. knee landing doesn't count! that's just a Keegan landing! it actually shows the strength of his knees and is a positive GOE!!!!

  16. Admittedly i am not his fan but the poor guy is just having a rough time lately and this upbeat music seems like its mocking him

  17. I mean don't get me wrong the 4 Japanese skaters at GPF all deserve their spot, but I am almost annoyed at seeing so much consistency - Now it's going to be all on Daniel to bring the chaos back in the house

  18. Did anyone have recovering Rika Kihira having higher TES than both women and a good part of the men’s field down on their bingo card?

  19. I feel like the missing piece for all the Euphoria programs this season is that no one is committed to playing Maddie

  20. Okay but seriously when are we going to institute a rule that programs get stopped when a skater’s head hits the ice

  21. I....actually don't hate Ilia's euler? I mean, I don't love it, but it at least doesn't look like a mistake?

  22. I was really hoping Morisi would have a decent skate today. Must be so, so disheartening to have found himself going first in the FS in both GPs.

  23. yaaaas that was a great skate! his basic skating is really beautiful, and i love watching older competitors who are clearly doing it for the love of the sport. so happy he had a great hometown skate with his daughter watching

  24. nikolaj has been carrying swedish men’s skating since alexander retired so it’s fantastic to finally see him at a gp! and that was a skate i think he should be very proud of! so much fight and expressive skating and drama

  25. Canadians can really only have 1 good skate a day. He’s still miles better than what any other Canadian man has put out this season.

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