[Final Fantasy Dissidia NT] The grindiest game I've ever played. More than 4 months of playing time says everything... Only FF 9, X-2 and 14 then I have all Final Fantasy parts on platinum and I'm 1000000% prepared for Final Fantasy 16 !!!

  1. I just looked up the PSN platinum trophy challenge for XIV and if im reading it right then I still wouldn't have it and i've got 211 days of playtime lol.

  2. A friend just agreed to play this with me from time to time and that made me happy. Idk, this might not be the best game out there or anything, but I have a special place in my heart for it ♥️. Love your dedication!!!

  3. I’m taking it really slow on the FF plats. I did FF12 this year and next year it’s FFX and maybe FF16 if it releases.

  4. Wow good job with ff 12 Some parts were very hard for me But X is a bit harder haha and I’m so hyped on FF16 I already saw the trailers over 1000 times ngl

  5. Ah Right i already preorder it with the steelbook hahah Yeah I already saw the trophies It gonna be hard haha but I’m pumped

  6. I have them all except for 15 and dissidia. Idk if I’ll ever go do dissidia, I would need a lot of free time that I just don’t have. As for 15 I’ll get around to it eventually, I keep getting tied up in this or that and loosing interests.

  7. If you did the jump rope trophy legit you have way more patience than me lol I honestly found the chocobo race more frustrating than the lightning dodges. Felt like it was just pure RNG

  8. Dissidia NT any good? Heard it’s inferior to the PSP games but the opinion of one who’s played the game would be valued.

  9. If you are a big FF fan then it’s perfect because of the characters, soundtracks, maps … But it understandable if someone dont like it because the game mechanics are special haha

  10. Congrats! i know your pain.. i have done Dissidia NT and Dissidia NT Free Edition.... it was a pain. Add me on PSN... I want some FFPlatinum friends haha PSN: Reflear

  11. Good luck with 14. I love that game, I really do, but I'd have to get paid a good sum to even attempt to plat it.

  12. The most fun I've had with Dissidia NT is when I set up 2v2 battles. I don't wanna say I'm bitter for how they changed the style of gameplay for a doomed esports concept, but boy it's sure a lot more fun to play when you don't have to worry about getting bullied by three people.

  13. With the pixel remasters I went on a play the series again and why not grab the achievements run. Got them all on 1-6 steam, then 7 and 8 ps4 versions. Came to an absolute stop on 9. If I continue my replay, no trophies on 9. Eff that.

  14. 9 has two really annoying ones. 1000 jump rope trophy and the 10,000 kill one. Fortunately, both of these can be achieved using remote play and a script. I just don’t get why tho. Is this a sick joke by the devs? Lol Why give such an amazing game these terrible trophies?

  15. I truly hate trophies that require you to play online, and Dissidia NT is just littered with them. On top of that, getting an A++ rank in ranked matches with multiple characters!? No thanks lol. So, hats off to ya!

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