Dear Finnish HR/Recruitment personnel

  1. Recruiter here. I hate it too. My guess (and hope) is that it’s an international company and they do all job ads in English just because it’s easier to have everything in one language, instead of translating all job specs to the office’s native language. That way they can reuse for similar positions globally. If it’s a small company, no idea lol

  2. I was once asked if I am married to a Finn in a job interview. Like WTF? The guy asked how I ended up Finland … so on and on and on and then finally marriage question and I was like ooookay. They didn’t even hire me and I guess the guy figured out early on the interview that I didn’t have the experience they needed. But no need to continue interviews with too personal questions.

  3. The weirdest interview I've had in Finland is with a small tech company, where the HR lady asked me why do I want a job in programming and not doing something else like cleaning or waiter. I almost said 'what the fuck to her', idk if it's some kind of trick question or she just assumed that Im gonna do those job because I am a foreigner. They invited me to the 2nd round but I never reply back.

  4. It's illegal to ask personal stuff that is not related to job or your fit for the role during an interview. Maybe this was their way to check if you will hold that job long term.

  5. Yeah sometimes they try to ”Fish for information” it’s the boundary crossing and impolite way of knowing more about a person and trying to look for clues that you have done something wrong in the past - basically prejudicial xenophobia. Sorry. Just don’t answer.

  6. Inappropriate? Yes. Illegal? Yes. Understandable? Yes. They were trying to figure out how likely it is you remain in Finland, if they decide to take a "gamble" on you. Especially in skilled positions "brain drain" is a problem in Finland. People come for the excellent education, try and stay to work and live here, but end up going back home. They think (right or wrong, who knows?!) that if you are married the risk of them losing their investment in you is smaller.

  7. Yup… makes no sense whatsoever but might be something that is a result of having English as the the official company language (Finnish branches of global companies/corporations, etc.).

  8. I would think its to weed out Finns who don't have English fluency. Writing the advert in English (although generally its in really, really bad English) would make Finns who don't have confidence in their English language abilities pass on to the next advert

  9. Completely agree with you. It's a massive pain in the ass. I'm also a recent business graduate in the same position.

  10. I'm a finnish born native and I've been looking at job postings in other countries out of curiosity, mostly on linkedin and it's totally the same in there as well. Just browse down and look at the requirements before wasting time and reading the whole thing

  11. Hi, I have worked (in a team) with Business Finland on this website to promote talent immigration to Finland. The open jobs section list English-only jobs. Please give it a try:

  12. At my business, I'd be perfectly fine hiring people who don't speak a word of finnish to software developer roles.

  13. This is one of the reasons I moved back to my home country after finishing my masters in Finland. There aren't a lot of job opportunities available to non Finnish speakers.

  14. Ive casually checked opportunities in other countries, and Ive not seen recruitments, excluding few odds here and there, where they wouldnt expect applicant having communication skills with language of that particular country where the business is located. Be it english, arabic, spanish, russian, swedish, german, etc. Its always expected, required, just like it is in Finland.

  15. Even worse is when it's a perfectly finnish company, the people speak finnish, EXCEPT job titles are still in English. It sounds ridiculous.

  16. Yeah, it is annoying. What I used to do when job searching: ctrl + F: “finnish” before reading any ad.

  17. There are few resons. Edit. I had to edit my comment a bit since I first misread you were looking a job in HR. Well, I guess #3 might still apply in other roles as well. I have had and currently have a job in a company were half of the people speak no Finnish. You just need to find a very international company.

  18. As a Finnish person it seriously annoys me. I don't know if they want the job application in English or Finnish. It has lead to me having to maintain two different resumes in two different languages, and I just send those in. But it just makes me question what country I even live in anymore. If the job didn't require Finnish that's fine, I get that it's an international job. In general it's just super weird, as a Finnish person, to be sending an email to another Finnish person (which is apparent by their obviously Finnish name) in English, to apply for a job that had a description written only in English.

  19. A dear Finnish HR manager here, we do that to reach foreigner quotas that are mandatory so that we can continue to get funding from the government.

  20. Don't worry about it? That's fucking stupid. That isn't helping out immigrants what so ever. Yall praise diversity in the workplaces but do jack to make it happen lol.

  21. Keep in mind that anything in a job ad is what the "ideal" candidate would look like. It's not actually set in stone.

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