Three Houses / Hopes Attractiveness Ranking! Day 9: Monica

  1. I actually really like her design, so I’d say high A rank, personally. It feels quite unique in the Houses universe imo. I know she’s very…uh…polarising with a lot of people, but hopefully she’s not aggressively ranked low due to this when we’re discussing design/attractiveness.

  2. OP said in another post that you can also base it off of personality, voice, ect…. Not just off of appearance if you want to.

  3. Monica is so cute pre-timeskip but she has a definite glow-down post-timeskip. I think it's her hairstyle, it's too messy for my liking.

  4. her pre-timeskip design is so, so, so good; she reminds me of miaka from fushigi yuugi. i also love the dark red in her hair and bow. i gave her S for that alone.

  5. Her outfit is really cute but… her eyes. I don’t know, her bright red eye color makes her look like a mega villain for some reason. She looks like she’s going to stab you in the back at any given moment.

  6. Her academy look is amazing, but I really don't like her war design personally. The character is also whatever to me, there's nothing about her I really love; she's my first C tier I fear.

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