tired of being the bad guy

  1. Well the gunshop isn’t going to sell you what you want anymore so the “fuck it” mentAlity is all good and well until you want a new gun and it’s banned.

  2. It's hard to debate people who know absolutely nothing about guns or lie nonstop. It always ends with a REEEEEEEEEE!

  3. I do initially try to educate or have a healthy debate with someone to show them the progun side of the subject. I tend to find out pretty quick how reasonable they are after a little back and forth. If they aren't gonna be reasonable then I just cut it short and leave it. No sense stressing the topic or myself.

  4. Nah, you just suck at debate. I am getting good at sorting folks out. Trick is to take some time and argue against your own points before you run into someone else who will, not only will that help you ensure your opinions are your own, but you quickly learn what points are just distraction and which ones actually matter.

  5. Progun people don't debate either, it's alway just respond with threats to kill the other people, kill a politician, or start a civil war.

  6. Government will never stop coming after us until we abolish it or all opposition has been silenced, disarmed, and ejected from “The Utopia”

  7. Hey quick question, can I get in trouble for reading how to make an illegal no-no stick, because I was interested in the mechanics of it and don’t wanna be on a watchlist

  8. It's not illegal, but you will be on a watch list and you probably already are. Having all the parts needed to make a bad boom-boom stick can be illegal even if you haven't put them together.

  9. It’s really easy to contact your reps. So easy that I wonder about the motives of the people who share this meme

  10. What about like...other kinds of laws that don't take away guns, but solve the issues surrounding gun violence. Then they won't be going for your (our) guns overall? If you give an inch, that's a hell of a lot less than a foot.

  11. My question is what other kinds of laws? The ones that are continuously pushed have little to no effect and the ones pushing it don't care or are delusional. They focus on the type of firearm, yet ignore that all of them (the shooters) passed the "all holy and infallible" background check.

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