I made Meow Skulls into Fortnite style ✨

  1. Epic: ...well, since female cats are not that different with male cats, i think we can just use Mewscles body without the muscles part to sorta get the base form for her...

  2. I wish epic had made more female skins less robust tbh, the male skins get no ass while the female skins get all the ass, I just want a normal looking skin. Or give us male skins like that to balance it out. Look at jetstream Sam from metal gear, they call him thunder thighs for a reason

  3. Stg epic tries to make an androgynous nonsexualized female skin but the second y’all mfs hear “she” it’s over

  4. They don’t need to hear “she”. I’m pretty sure I’ve ran into at least five gender-swapped Meowscles skin concepts in this subreddit.

  5. am i the only mf who likes that they made a female skin that doesn’t look like a stripper? i like that she’s kinda scrawny and not overtly feminine.

  6. While I don’t really have a solid source aside from multiple people telling me so, aren’t all fortnite skins (aside from the collabs with characters that are minors) at least 18?

  7. That's quite a big assumption, since they've never explicitly stated Meowscles or Meow Skulls ages.

  8. 💀 If I'm being 1000 with you, everyone thought she was a dude because she has no curves and we had to be explicitly told she's female, it broke the rule of show don't tell.💀💀💀🤦‍♀️

  9. Players when fortnite remakes drift for the 6th time: I sleep Players when fortnite makes a female cat with out women's features: real sh*t

  10. Forget the "why did you sexualise it" because she's already a girl, art styles will be art styles. The real question is why Fortnite style something that's already Fortnite? Not saying it's bad it's just confusing lol

  11. Sometimes you think you're just a normal guy, then you become part of the Fortnite community and realize you're upset that the female cat didn't look this good, then you realize you aren't as normal as you thought

  12. She is already made in fortnite style, fortnite fucking made her, what does this post mean, all you did was give her big bum

  13. Ok why am I suddenly flooded with Meowskulls art posts lol, I thought ppl didn't like this skin but regardless nice art OP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. I would rather have this over the shit fortnite made the one they made is skinny as a rake even if they made this version I’d still archive it no offence

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