Foundations Backbling Mantle size is changed for no reason

  1. came here just to post this ive seen so many post about slight changes on skins i have no idea how they do it !

  2. I’m gonna go ahead and say they just want the karma since they haven’t responded to anyone’s comments in this post. So they must not care enough

  3. It’s probably not that hard if it’s a skin you play with every day. I’d like to think I would notice if they changed one of my mains

  4. I hope they postpone the event or cancel the whole game, im ok with map changes and vaulted weapons but this backbling change makes the game unplayable.

  5. Fuck that, I want a refund for the chapter 3 season 1 battle pass if this is the kinda shit they’re trying to pull off 😤

  6. 'erm.... this pixel on jonesy's textures is miscolored.... fix this, this makes the game unplayable.... '

  7. I’m surprised OP was able to notice and complain with all that pussy he surely has to deal with constantly.

  8. Yeah... sorry nothing worth complaining about here. Wanna complain? Let's all bitch about the delay of season 4. Or not riding skateboards yet. Or helicopters. Or dirt bikes. If the skins bug ya this much man... idek what to say.

  9. The cape is now tilted?, i think they should fix it, no idea why people are feeling like this in the comments

  10. I hope the game dies. this change makes the game unplayable. how will I EVER want to play this game ever again.

  11. Looks like a proper hunter cloak from destiny! Wonder if we're going to a timeline that has cayde-6 still alive?

  12. How is this a bug? Like the difference is barely noticeable side by side. Why does anyone care lol

  13. I have bigger problems with the golden disco ball spinning at 100x the speed it used to like a year or so ago and I can’t use it anymore cause it’s so distracting

  14. Thanks for helping the team at Epic swat these bugs! If you haven't provided the information already, please share the following to help Epic Games:

  15. You could have at least pointed out the small change. There's bugs like one of a skin's main features no longer functioning (Mave's reactive tattoos come to mind, remember that?) Or a glider being broken (Thor was so bad, glad that got fixed)

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