A brighter day lives just on the horizon 🌇 Enjoy Paradise while it lasts. #FortniteFracture. 12.3.2022

  1. I speak for everyone when I say we want to see guff butt ass naked covered in oil twerking in the fortnite chapter 3 finale or else we WONT be attending

  2. That is absolutely true. Which way, Mustard Man, will you deliver what the community REALLY wants, or will you disappoint?

  3. I don't understand these teasers, but they're exciting. One thing I want to know is what the hell is a Loop Breaker? There were FN action figures way back then that had characters labeled that, for no real reason.

  4. They are in game skins, but to answer your question everyone who breaks from the loop like Midas is a loop breaker

  5. So, I guess chapters don't have to be 8 or 10 pages long, it can mean the closing of a particular subject like chapter 3 was finishing up on the seven.

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