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  1. What was the point of Herald and Nothing? Why did they destroy the island and how did they do it? I have so many questions

  2. Nothing was explained in this. I really hoping for some lore or something interesting to explain...but nope. Instead we get a quick video of her just destroying the island with no build up after this entire season. Really one of the weakest events I can remember.

  3. Exactly. Also Jonesy was part of the Story Quests as well and we didn't see him at all. Also, what happened to The Foundation and The Order? Especially The Foundation, why weren't either of them there.

  4. Seems like the suspicions were correct and they just wanted to ditch the current map as fast as possible. Shit seemed more convoluted than the "normal" kind of convoluted for fortnite lore

  5. According to a scene that was deleted from the opening cutscene, the Herald was sent by The Nothing (apparently he's the Last Reality's current head honcho since the Cube Queen's demise) tho destroy the island and free the Zero Point.

  6. I think they destroyed it by destroying the tree which was keeping the zero point alive like how it was suspected that the tree was using the zero points energy. So when the Herald destroys the tree that causes the point to spontaneously combust and kill the Herald. OR The Herald chromed all over the tree which was connected to the zero point which caused the Herald to combust, die and the chrome poisoned the zero point which caused it to disperse from the infected part which is how it got split into fragments with it trying to get rid of the chrome which is why we were able to put it back together again. BUT HEY THAT'S JUST A THEORY, A GAAAAAAAAAAAYME THEORY.

  7. I could do without Midas but like wtf this event was a bandaid like how tf did the herald just like die then everything go to shit

  8. I ran around for 40 minutes doing fetch quests just to get disconnected as soon as the final cut scene started

  9. None of the lore makes any sense. It’s simply a means to give quests and loosely explain why collabs can show up in the game.

  10. I suppose the Loop Breaker Project was destroying the Storm like Midas' Device. It looks like C4 won't have a Storm, or something else will replace it. The bubble around the Island is gone.

  11. Island blew up because harald manged to chromify and destabilize the stuff holding that reality together, with it unstable reality couldn't hold itself together and kaboomed

  12. Did anyone figure out what you were supposed to do with the statues holding hologram fish?

  13. I'm really confused on why everything the season was leading up to was just done during a cutscene.

  14. Hell I didn't even get to see the cinematic without going to a Livestream because my game crashed as soon as it started, so I did all of that fetch quest stuff for no reason

  15. Agree with you on the visuals. I think they should have made it so you are trying to fight off the chrome at the tree and then after a point the opening cutscene plays. Then it has you focus on getting the orbs scattered around and have the flashbacks be the front and center as part of the event for each time a new island piece was added. Do agree that it should have been shorter. I hope that the exit screen from the end of the event is a made into a loading screen.

  16. Yeah the quest stuff should have been pre-event or something... I tried throwing a chicken into the zero point like 6 times and it never worked. Confusing quests, went on forever, then for a 1.5 minute movie. I mean it's still cool but by Fortnite standards it was clearly the worst event.

  17. It look like the characters at end are battle pass skins, possible hulk too, but if they add Mr Beast to battle pass, I am never paying for battle pass again

  18. Took way too long right? Some events were too short, but this felt like a beta test of Fortnite the MMO. Random fetch quests, confused timers/race sections, everyone trying to make snowmen etc. all at once. The cool stuff happened in super short cinematics (fight with the herald then new characters floating in at the end when it coalesced). I don't know, halfway through I was asking when we could get to the end.

  19. I liked the event. The only things that bothered me was how quickly the Herald destroyed the map and how long it took to get those fragments.

  20. I hope Mr Beast is a store item I don't really think I want him in the battle pass. Nothing against him but it's not the type of skin I'd like to be using

  21. I’d have to guess he’s the secret Battle Pass skin, like Indiana Jones and The Herald before him.

  22. Let's pray they've decided to put all of their budget into the gameplay development instead of this event

  23. Oh, SNAP. Super Mario Galaxy style island planet. Now I know what I want for the future of Fortnite.

  24. I feel like the events are always super hyped up and you get in and it's kinda meh. But for me, that makes the next season feel even better.

  25. You can exit the game now, the event is over. Now we have to wait until the update drops (which will be several hours at the least).

  26. Hulk, Geralt, Doom Slayer, My Hero Academia and Mr Beast for the beginning? Well I'll be damned Fortnite, you might have raised my interest even higher than before

  27. I don’t understand why we didn’t get to actually fight the herald.. what was the point of having her there if we didn’t get to do anything at the end haha

  28. The horse with Geralt gives me the impression we're getting horse mounts? Would make sense and feels like an evolution from boar and wolves.

  29. That shit was ass for a Chapter finale. Chapter 2 did it right, actually felt like a last stand and the island was in danger at that time.

  30. I'm still so upset about how unceremoniously the Chapter 2 and 3 maps were destroyed like that, we've been on both for multiple years and they're both destroyed in a 1 minute laggy as fuck cutscene. So much opportunity for closure just down the drain

  31. Map looks really good, honestly I'm really hyped. The space skyline is beautiful hope we will keep it.

  32. Honestly probably the worst event ever imo, All you do is fetch quests and there aren't even genuine markers to tell you where they are. Plus you just run around collecting orbs just to bring in a poi. My main problem is the buildup with The Herald thinking she's gonna last alot longer and we would actually fight her or something. But nope, it's locked behind a cutscene and she dies no more than a minute in. Also The buildup and the constant mention of the Nothing was not once brought up again during this event. This Event was a snore imo, if you like it that's fine. But in my opinion this is 100% the worst event I've attended.

  33. Chapter 1 season 7 event is still the worst event by far, i don't think epic can make a event as bad as that.

  34. Hyped for the pass, even if it’s just Doomslayer and Geralt in the pass (which is unlikely), I’m gonna be eatin good for this season (:

  35. It’s low on my event ranking but I did enjoy it, it was unique. It would’ve been better if it was a little shorter.

  36. That goddamn boulder man. Was so close and some asshole knocked it over when I was a few feet away. Also, never got the beach volleyball one.

  37. The cinematics were shit. We had all the perfect elements for it to be a badass ending to the Last Reality arc. However Instead of getting the Nothings arrival and some lore about the LR we just shot the herald for 2 minutes until she blew up the island. This should have been an epic last stand and a conclusion of the current story so we can move into the creative 2.0 era. Instead we learned nothing about the chrome or what the Herald was heralding. We barely got any voice acted cut scenes like the ch 2 end event. To add insult to injury we didn't see Midas or the Devourer who both had been heavily teased. It seems like Epic is gonna keep dragging on this story arc for a while.

  38. hope all that orb collecting got us something of value in Chapter 4. Collecting at least 30 (or maybe 40) got you a flamey purple crown if you talked to bushranger afterwards and of course you got the three items at 10, 20, and 30 orbs. It'd be cool if you got like a spray or something for collecting a certain amount, because ngl that event was kinda eh in terms of interactivity.

  39. Hot Take: The Event was cool. Doing something else in an event other than shooting stuff was awesome. I loved doing these little Quests and searching out the Fragments as the new Zero Point built a new island. Visuals were awesome, gave a nice addition to the story. The only dissappointing part was that the Herald died so fast. Like, she appeared, overtook the Tree, Chrome everywhere, done. That was disppointing. Could have been improved by having a losing fight against the Herald before the Quests started.

  40. Considering she literally defeated 3 members of the seven at once means that killing her isn't easy.(despite the fact we killed her in week 1 for the quests)

  41. Is that an Avatar character on the far right at the end? Looks blue skinned and sorta that pandora color scheme.

  42. I think it would have been cool if the season 4 map was the islands loosely held together similar to the event, but just bigger. Have jump pads and stuff to make going across gaps easier.

  43. Is anybody gonna not talk about Hulk (riding motorcycle, probably an emote) and Mr. Beast. Although, why the latter though?

  44. "Icon" BS. I never got the hype for streamers. Yeah, it seems like a nice gig if you got the looks/personality for it, but I know if I was in that situation, I'd want my Fortnite self to have some badass armor or something instead of a regular shirt and jeans.

  45. Okay, I really hope other original skins will be great because looking at the collabs and other skins we see here, that's probably the worst BP for me, since I've started playing. But we will see, I guess.

  46. Doomslayer, Geralt, Hulk? How many collabs are gonna be in this pass? 🤔 Some of these might not be in the BP but I'm still wondering.

  47. The map looks cool, but I really dislike interactive events. It's cool being able to see map changes happening in real-time, just like with the S9 event with the monster stomping on locations as it fights the robot, and then being able to see the small changes afterwards.

  48. After each recent battlepass, I'd always say to myself, "I'm quitting this time for sure". Then something like this shows up and they pull me right back in like a wave picking me up from the dry shore.

  49. Cinematic’s - 8.5/10 visually good looking, however nothing really explained why The Herald was even there. The deleted scenes showed a mothership, which I’m imagining was the cube queen, should’ve left that in to connect to the story a bit.

  50. Ok hot take time: I liked the event. The whole fetch quest thing is different but it was kinda fun running around the island looking for stuff, especially because new stuff was being added

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