Hi there! Our puppy Miles Morales got diagnosed with Parvovirus. The treatment is over $3k so far and we are unable to fully cover it. Any small help is very appreciated. Thank you! (GoFundMe in comments)

  1. Do you have proof of the vet’s diagnosis? No one is going to donate without proof. You should also verify your income to prove you cannot afford the treatment.

  2. I’m a student, I make 20k a year and I’m deep in student loan/ credit card debt. I live in the USA and my family (with the dog) live in Colombia. I support my family financially as much as I can, but with this it’s gotten to a point where I can’t get any more money to help them.

  3. It’s hard for me to get passed the 3k for treatment. My dog had parvo and I think at most, the medicine was 45 bucks. He’s healthy now with no last effects.

  4. Same dog, different haircuts. The last picture is him at the vet, he’s being fed through a tube so that’s why he’s looks so dirty.

  5. Since people are calling this out as a scam, I’m going to stoop and be that person. This is why there’s a vaccine for parvo. Less than $100 for the initial vaccine series would have saved your dogs life and spared your finances. For any new dog owners, the distemper/parvo and rabies vaccines are not the ones to skip.

  6. If you read the full story on the GoFundMe page, you’ll notice that I mentioned he has the vaccines and still somehow got it.

  7. At this point you could upload any of the documentation for us to vet it (pun intended) so the balls in your court isn’t it

  8. When my dog caught Parvo after all said and done it costed about 500 dollars total to fix everything and make him healthy again.

  9. This is unnecessary and cruel. If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s better to not say anything at all.

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