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  1. I'd love to make the joke, but the truth is simpler: mask mandates affect them personally, so they oppose it, while school discipline no longer affects them personally, so they want the kids to suffer the same things they did.

  2. Ive already been banned from two other groups so far. When I messaged them asking for an explanation I was called a racially slur. Ive got screen shots and everything. Now every 28 days I tune back in to see if they want to talk about it. Nope. Muted for another 28 days. Thats ik because im 28 years old. I have loads of time. 1A is the 1A speak your mind my dude.

  3. Well I got paddled in school and I turned out just..... Umm..... Actually I didn't turn out just fine. never mind.

  4. The kinds of people that want paddling back are the same people that were paddled when they were kids and think they turned out just fine, when they really didn’t.

  5. Like they grew up with violence being the answer for petty inconveniences, and now they think they turned out so great, when they'll get triggered by someone elses conversation on the other end of the room, and turn violent. Just to own the dems, yano?

  6. My dad didn’t get paddled per ce, but he definately got spanked, and had to eat soap for cursing. He hated it so much that he never did any of that to me or any of my siblings, and I think we turned out fine.

  7. “I mean, yeah I have some fantasies about abusing children, and I advocate heavily for the laws to change to support that passion, but what well-adjusted person doesn’t?”

  8. How is hitting a child not abuse? I’ve never hit my daughter ever not once. Who still hits their kids and is not considered an abuser? It doesn’t even deter unwanted behavior, it only causes trauma. My dad was hit by the nuns in catholic school and that anxiety never left him. He hated nuns and was afraid of them until he died. It’s so grotesque

  9. They’re the same people who complain “if your kid can decide their sexuality why can’t I have sex with them?”

  10. pretty sure there's a study out there showing how spanking leads to sociopathic behavior later in life. which would explain a lot

  11. Also, the same people who want you to be paddled at 18 years old want to make sure you have access to an assault rifle at the same age. I wonder what happens when a kid that's been publicly paddled in school realizes that the next time they get paddled they can whip out an AR and take revenge by murdering everyone in the school.

  12. I’ve hardly ever fought anyone in my life but I remember some people joking about paddling when I was in high school and my first thought was exactly what you said here and I feel even stronger about it now. If you attempt to physically harm me, I’m going to do the same to you. Full stop. Why would I ever allow you to do that?

  13. This is exactly what a lot of people don’t seem to get about using physical violence to control kids. It only works as long as you’re much stronger than them. Once they’re big enough to defend themselves, and especially if they’re stronger than you, you now have absolutely no control over them, and there’s a good chance they’ll want some revenge for all the pain you inflicted on them.

  14. Not to diminish the potential horrifying probable outcomes but... same vein, you just KNOW there's gonna be some teenager out there just like "Wait, you mean if I act up in English, Ms. Peters is gonna spank me?... Thank you God!"

  15. I got my ass whipped purple with a belt by a babysitter just cause I wouldn't eat some fucking soggy ass greenbeans, and the damn cops that showed up were friends with the dude so nothing happened. Fuck that shit.

  16. Reminds me of my parents beating me black and blue for not drinking my milk when I'm fucking lactose intolerant 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. I have to wonder if that person respected others enough to put a piece of cloth over their nose and mouth to prevent the transmission of a deadly illness.

  18. Hitting students with a wooden paddle as a form of punishment in school. Basically it’s the faculty at a school being allowed to spank the students. It’s been illegal here in the states for a while and for good reason. Some people would love to bring it back because “kids these days are too soft” and “I got paddled and I turned out fine”.

  19. And teenagers getting r**ed/pregnant is God’s plan and abortion is murder and blah blah blah Jesus yada yada yada God blah blah blah

  20. I moved to the south and was amazed that paddling was still a thing mid 2000's. I told both my parents that if the teacher ever tried to paddel me I would walk out or swing.

  21. This picture disturbs me so much. I can’t imagine hitting a student. I just can’t. I’ve had students I’ve literally HATED, and I was always tried to be kind to them, my kindest when I am imposing consequences.

  22. If a teacher hit my kid with a paddle like that they'd have to fly in the world's best proctologist. I don't know how much force it would take to get that paddle up the teacher's *ss, but I'd be willing to try and find out in the name of science.

  23. I worked in a school, and a good number of the teachers told me they wished they could paddle kids. That was a big wake up call for me.

  24. Same. It’s infuriating seeing it. The confusion of that poor child posing it. I can’t fathom how these people can do such a thing let alone advocate so hard for it. If my kid got hit with that thing whoever did it would be picking splinters out of their ass for weeks

  25. If you don’t use a paddle it could make your hand hurt, and we certainly don’t want people getting hurt in a school!

  26. They are so bad at any form of reasoning that they think you teach right from wrong through psychological and physical torture. When people have shitty parents, they sometimes survive it by justifying it. "No, this is good. I was bad and deserved to be hit." Those with more fortitude and reasoning skills say, "This is wrong. I didn't do anything wrong yet I'm being hit. I refuse to be that." Republicans are so quick to follow because they never actually learned how to determine right from wrong. They think that life is simple and all you have to do is be stronger so you can tell others what to do. I hate and love them all at once, because I can't imagine the terrible childhood they're too brainwashed to question.

  27. Let people you've met twice during parent teacher conferences decide when to beat your kids. What could go wrong?

  28. Amen and Amen ❤️ I will even throw in a "In Jesus name" lol. The only thing Trump did was expose this side of America that I didn't even know existed. My goodness its insane.

  29. The right: “Nooo don’t say gay you’re grooming children!!!!” Also the right: “You’ve been bad now come here and let me paddle you”

  30. I went to a parochial school from k-5th grade and I never got paddled but I remember so many boys leaving the principals office with red tear streaked faces. Makes me wonder if there was something more sinister going on because none of those boys were trouble markers or anything. Not that they would have deserved to be hit at all. It just makes me think the principle liked to target young boys. The school was Grove Christian in Michigan btw. It was horrible.

  31. There still are some school insurance policies that provide corporal punishment coverage. I always thought that was weird. Especially as someone who was abused as a child, me.

  32. Well…they believe cuz they got a “good beating” that someone else has to get one too….cuz they’re delusional

  33. I can't imagine being that poor girl that's forced to stand there in front of the camera for social media while an adult in a position of authority holds that huge paddle against her, communicating the message: "see this? This is what we'll do to you if you misbehave, and we're showing the world because we're proud of it." Absolutely humiliating.

  34. I'm from Europe AND I'm a teacher. Any teacher that raises a hand (aside from self-defense) on a kid is absolutely finished. I don't have my own kids but I'd raise hell and make sure that teacher never gets a job with kids again if they were to do something like that to my kids.

  35. Ah yes, the people who complain that schools are indoctrinating kids with the gay/liberal/communist agenda also want those schools to beat their kids. Makes total fucking sense. "Whats that little timmy, were you praying to jesus? Time for a paddlin!"

  36. I was a bit confused until I realized that I missed the ‘revival of paddling’ headline. Now I’m even more confused. Wtf. I’m not sure how you get admins, teachers AND parents to go for this bullshit. WaPo article said parents can sign a form to opt their kids out, wondering if teachers get to choose as well?

  37. As a dad, let me just say this: if I ever found out that a teacher had paddled my child at school, I would be coming into the school, taking the paddle, and shoving it so far up the teacher's ass that they would be choking on it.

  38. One of my friends is a straight up a Qanon smooth brain conspiracy theorist and he has complete meltdowns when he sees people still wearing a mask (in my country it's not legally required anymore).

  39. It's because they plan on the paddles only being used on "leftist" kids, LGBT+ kids, nonwhite kids.

  40. I wouldn't admit I support a deranged ideology that leaves states poorer, more violent, less healthy. Do you think it's interesting instead of developing any industry, red states realised they could have their major industry as asking for handouts from the feds paid for by blue states?

  41. Let's say you vote Republican for tax benefits. How much tax money do you need to save before voting against child abuse? Is there a limit? Or is all abuse tolerable as long as you're saving more money?

  42. Republicans just wanna spank little kids because it’s their kink. The amount of projecting these assholes do about “pedo” this and “pedo” that on a daily basis has to be their subconscious coming out.

  43. Man, nobody remembers the AIDS epidemic, do they? There was a certain crowd who picked up mask wearing as if it'd protect them from the gays. Where are they now?

  44. It's less about the traumatic aspect as it is parental control over their child's education and well being. Some parents chose to mask their kids, and some choose to spank them. And if they do it at home they may wish teachers to do it as well. AFAIK schools offer this as an option, where parents have to sign a waiver. So it's up to the parents to opt in. Mandatory masking is taking that option away, hence the backlash.

  45. I just came here to say that majority of conservatives/Republicans or whatever you like to call them, actually really hate the idea of bringing paddling back to school. My father who is an avid republican said if I sent my kid to a school that allows paddling that he'd paddle me just so I know what it's like.

  46. Drag show is not the same thing as a drag queen reading to them in a library. Most drag shows occur in bars where it’s illegal to take underage people, regardless if they’re your parent or not. Jesus tap dancing Christ.

  47. “People in costume performing a show is the same as beating a child with a piece of wood” - a very smart person

  48. could you imagine children having different perspectives on human expression and a less myopic view of the world? the horror! they might even chose to express themselves more!

  49. If the parents and teachers are doing their best to make sure the child knows they are loved then corporal punishment will be no issue.

  50. I’m not saying school paddings are cool but I’m also not saying that forcing your children to cover their faces during a period of learning the keystones of how to interact and understand the emotions of their peers won’t have some sort of lasting effects on who they are as a person. Downvote away but you know it’s true and you can’t undervalue seeing and reading facial expressions, with a mask you don’t get that.

  51. People will criticise the US for not doing enough about covid yet we're the only country to make young kids wear masks.

  52. That's true. Also something that has long lasting effects on children is bringing home a virus that kills one of their caretakers.

  53. Asking a child to wear a mask is the equivalent of having to put clothes on to go outside so I would tell you those people are idiots.

  54. It is absolutely hilarious that this same group of people who swear to never have a child because “too busy living my best life” and “muh climate doomsday” are also convinced that they are experts on child raising. You know, the responsibility that they’re actively avoiding with every fiber of their being.

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