"Hijab is a choice "🤡

  1. the problem is that even for people who make the choice to wear it, many of them make that choice because of fear of retaliation. it’s not really a choice if you’re coerced into doing it

  2. That's bullshit. Religion is used to control people, especially women. Someone who is raised to believe something and told that if they don't, they will suffer for eternity is not a person who can make an informed choice.

  3. True, correct me if I am wrong. But during the reign of Reza Shahs dad he disallowed the Hijab because he wanted to modernize Iran. Years later when the Ayatollahs took over, as a form of retaliation they mandates and enforced the Hijab.

  4. Dude it's also a huge problem how many children the catholic church rapes every single year globally.

  5. Iranian people are not Islamic. They are oppressed by a theocratic Islamic regime. Iranian men hate Islam as much as their women do. Iran has a rich history and culture spanning thousands of years before Islam was a thing. Please do not spread the same propaganda that has been used to tarnish Iranian people and culture by the west for decades.

  6. Protecting people's right to participate in their culture themselves? Of course! Allowing people to enforce that culture on the people around them just because they live in the same country/area? Nope! Not OK.

  7. The quickest way to figure out if they’re hypocrites. Ask the ones who say it’s a choice if they’d send their mom/sister to Iran without it. We all know the answer.

  8. Reddit is insane making fun of Christianity is okay, but they draw the line at Islam which is the worse version of the same book

  9. It just blows me away that we live in a world where some people will assault you, arrest you and even kill you for not wearing a piece of cloth over your head.

  10. My family is so so. My parents never did and never will force me to cover up but my moms covered up for 6 years now before that she had short blonde hair and wore T-shirt’s and stuff now she’s completely covered up her older brother always forced her whenever she would visit him so before she covered up she would always wear the headscarf whenever she visited her family and take it off once we were back in Germany but now she’s completely covered up she says she loves it and and she feels at peace now but tbh I think it’s because we moved here and people here talk a lot lol. I’ll never cover up and my parents aren’t the kind to force anyone luckily

  11. Men that don’t have the wit or ability to deal with women as equals will create a religion/government to enforce their Will upon them.

  12. As a Turk, I can confirm that I’ve never seen or talk to someone who wears hijab by choice. It’s either a brainwashing process or forced by husband/family. edit: there are too many people who don’t understand what I was trying to say. Personally speaking, I just haven’t talked to or seen someone who wears it by choice. I was told that it’s mostly forced by family.

  13. As I Canadian who grew up around many muslims I can tell you it is a choice, many chose to wear it as it is part of their values, but I knew many people who chose not too. Extremists exist in all aspects of life, especially when religion of any kind is involved

  14. As a Turk, I have never seen women without hijab not being able to enter government buildings or universities. Seen lots of hijabi women suffering this fate tho. Most of the hijabis are proud of their religious clothing and will defend it. Turkey’s own battle for independence started after some occupying soldier dared to touch a woman’s hijab and got shot by Sutcu Imam. But go on vomit your secularist bullshit

  15. as an algerian i have relatives that are muslim and dont wear hijab and they are not getting harassed by anyone

  16. Thanks you. Yes there’s a huge problem in some nations where it isn’t a choice but that doesn’t change what the actual teaching is. Every religion has assholes who force or coerce even if the teaching doesn’t agree. I would know... I’m Catholic.

  17. Hehe racism! one of the world’s most popular religions that’s found in dozens of countries is totally homogenous. Someone’s experience in Iran clearly dictates all other Muslims’ experiences in, say, Morocco, Nepal, India, and Egypt.

  18. I am a Muslim from a different part of the world and forcing hijab is well known way of losing the trust of the daughter and it will not integrate her into the religion . Religion is a personal choice but most of society has faith and sometimes it's holding people through some rough time . But forcing religion or beliefs will backfire because faith is required.

  19. Yeah plus what’s the point in wearing hijab if ur intention isn’t to please Allah but cuz ur scared of ur family

  20. Us western men have a responsibility here to do our bit for the Iranian women's protests. If we start posting and memeing how attractive and desirable women in hijabs and burkhas are to our defiled western minds, and that nothing could be more desirable than a fully covered compliant partner, maybe, just maybe

  21. NGL, I was about to consider you stupid for the first half - glad I read on. I like the way you think! :) What's the opposite of

  22. Exactly and it's not just Iran millions of girls are suffering worldwide because of Islam think of the witch trials of Christianity multiply it and you get our reality

  23. They're going to to storm all 600 pounds pea cock hair and 16 genders to fight tooth and nail to protect the very people that would execute them for existing

  24. Lmao indian muslims are actually fighting to wear hijab after a private school banned it. And guess what, American politicians asked indian government to ask school to stop inforcing these laws.

  25. Muslim men will fight tooth and nail for the rights of hijab and Muslim women in the west will also join them since they can take it off whenever they wish

  26. I always find it to be such lunacy that brave protestors in Iran are fighting and bleeding for the freedom to push their country into the future and the backward ass immigrants in first world countries insist on retaining this idiotic medieval costume in the name of fucking "choice"

  27. That fact doesn't matter to Muslims especially Muslim men, we are just holes that creates children consent is not their priority

  28. One of the biggest holes in the Koran is it says to listen to the teachings of Jesus. But Jesus's teaching directly contradict a lot in the Koran. It's funny how people overlook it so much.

  29. None religion is bad, the bad thing its the dogmatic assholes that make religion a battlefield instead of a message of love and comprehension (PS: I am agnostic)

  30. Islam does not promote love, the prophet married 12 women and fucked a child and started wars to spread his word do you think that guy cared about love and peace?

  31. The people defending Islam but denouncing Christianity seem to be missing the fact that they are defending the same shit they criticize at home. These people represent the same twisted shit values in their country it's just in different packaging.

  32. Religion was made by humans to opress and control the barbaric humans of the past with lies such as heaven and hell. Now that we have science and common sense, hopefully we will rid of this rot that still is abused for opression and control.

  33. when people are forced to wear hijabs, it's a problem. when people are forced not to wear hijabs, its also a problem. the problem is controlling people, usually women. having laws based on how people can express their religion or lack thereof under threat of jail time, torture, or death is wrong. the world would be so, SO much better if everyone could learn to mind their own business and let others do what they want as long as it isn't hurting anyone, and the simple act of wearing a hijab doesn't. its the consequences that others put upon it that hurts them.

  34. dude it can be a choice, some people genuinely enjoy wearing it and some people don’t want to but are forced. not every situation is the same and generalizing does nothing.

  35. Reddit karma starter pack: fuck Islam, Muslims, hijab, ccp, winnie the pooh, bing chilling, Chinese, Russia, communist, abrahamic religions, Middle Easterners in general, Africans (unless they're African americans), and Hispanics.

  36. Islam is wayyy too far spread of a religion for you all to act like one countries rules dictates all of its followers feelings.

  37. Funny how people think that one case automatically means that all Muslim women are forced to wear Hijab. Typical westerners who think they know better why women wear Hijab than the actualy women who wear it.

  38. Middle Eastern conservatives want to force women to wear the hijab, and western conservatives want to ban women from wearing it. It's almost like it should be her personal choice.

  39. Hijab should be a choice. Problem lies when governments and societies try to outlaw that choice, whether that be the choice to wear it or remove it. This also includes the legal protection when choosing to do either. So the discussion will be different in different countries with different laws on the subject.

  40. As a muslim living in a muslim community it is a choice, I’ve seen many wives stop wearing the hijab and there have been no repercussions other than old women talking shit.

  41. I currently live in the US and I do believe all suffering is valid but I just laugh when woke people claim that the US is a sexist country like have you seen the rest of the world?

  42. Muslims are such weak pieces of shit that if they see any exposed skin, just like their prophet was a pedophile, they go into rape mode; but because Islam is fucking retarded they say it's the woman's fault. Pathetic assholes

  43. Lol so what happened buddy one bad experience with Muslims and you hear some rumors in the internet and now assume all 2 billion Muslims are like that alright bud

  44. Some wear it because they chose to, like some of my relatives. Others because they're forced to. So keep your "🤡" for yourself, and think twice before posting.

  45. I get where ur coming from and I understand that some Muslim countries are seen doing inhuman shit like this, but Allah never told us to force any woman into wearing the hijab and im pretty sure forcing any person to do something is haram and unethical. Wearing the hijab is one of the most important things a woman should do but if she doesn’t its up to Allah to punish her for that we are not fit to do such thing and who knows maybe Allah wont even punish her.

  46. There are bigots in every religion that take advantage and distort the teachings to benefit themselves. That don't understand their own theology. You seem to understand better than that though, so thank you for being a decent human

  47. There's literally a ban in the Hijab in France and Muslim women face higher rates of anti Muslim hate crimes because of this misogyny, because this mentality is no different to women who want to abolish make up or wanting to look thin because it is used by men to oppress women.

  48. So what, doesnt change the fact that women, especially muslim children are FORCED to wear the hijab, and threatened with hellfire. I live in a muslim country and it IS a normal occurence

  49. so cuz there is a woman forced to wear it, does it really mean all women are forced to it? It’s like saying all Men are rapists after some men committing it, yes there is SOME women forced to it

  50. Yeah this post is so ignorant it’s embarrassing. I wouldn’t be surprised if OP was either 15 or 48, but nowhere in between. They think they’re advocating for people but all they’re doing is showing how narrow-minded they are.

  51. the question is if they were manipulated into believing that they want to wear hijab. If you see something your entire life, you won't even think of changing it (goes in both directions = there is a possibility that non-Muslims just think that all women are forced to wear it, but you can't real prove either).

  52. 100 years ago all European women wore headscarves as it is considered to be Christian. Even now Jewish women wear headscarves. All this is forced by religion. Demonising what is good

  53. Westerner women wore headscarfs to mainly to hide their hair on a day it wasn’t set in place, or keep their hair set on a day when it was windy outside (then they’d take it off inside) or finally just as a fashion accessory.

  54. Nope it's obligation in Islam but doesn't write push women and kick them in Quran. If she doesn't her choice

  55. I lived in Egypt for a few years. Lots of women don't wear it. Redditers are mainly teenagers who've never been out of their own town.

  56. TLDR: this meme is kinda dumb but I get the point it's trying to make. People shouldn't be forced into things they don't agree with or want to do when it doesn't actually hurt others.

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