What If We Covered the Entire Sahara Desert With Solar Panels?

  1. Covering a desert with man made anything would likely throw the ecological balance of the entire planet so far off that it would probably do more harm than good.

  2. Wouldn't propagate that far, and any regional damage is offset by the fact that a desert is already environmentally FUBAR.

  3. Although I am in love with clean renewable energy, I am going to have to take a very unpopular stance on the issue. Fossil fuels, namely oil, are not only a giant energy resource providers, they are giant materialist consumerism resource providers. In 2019, what isn't made of plastic? Our clothing, our housing, our house hold goods, technologies, and transportation all come from this one resource. It is the energy byproduct to conquer all byproducts. And, being a byproduct, it comes at cheaper and cheaper costs the further it it moves down the chain of what it can do. Injection molded plastics vs. plastic sandwich baggies.

  4. So all that is a problem is the distribution, and as we overcame all the obstacles to spread the internet via cable all over the world i do not see this being something that was not fixable. Yes poor countries would have to find money to build out infrastructure but if they have not done so yet then they never will. And just because some do not really want to be involved in spending money for there citizens in Africa does not mean that modern countries cannot benefit from this project. Also more and more African villages are building there own solar energy needs even if it is individuals buying cells and installing them on there roofs.

  5. Internet infrastructure does care about power losses along the way as long as the signal arrives intact to the next retransmitter, to put it simply. This is impossible with electricity. Power needs to be generated more or less locally, it's just physics.

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