Australian party will introduce a universal basic income trial in South Nowra, if elected which would allow every working age adult to receive $700 a fortnight. The purpose of the $55 million trial was to tackle inequality, to give people economic security and to fairly share the country’s wealth.

  1. So many people have never even considered it possible, and don't think it will be likely, yet it's basically inevitable at the current progress, if the big spills are avoided.

  2. Just to be clear, these people are a crazy, fringe political party. They will never get elected and the trial won’t happen.

  3. Everyone can get 700$ a fortnight. Whether your weekly income is 0$ or 1,000,000 dollars you can still claim the 700$.

  4. So what happens if the people who’s wealth this comes from find that it isn’t worth it to generate that wealth and instead just have the basic income with everyone else?

  5. Based on the very limited amount of guaranteed income experiments, most people will continue working. People in Alaska get free money and they still work. Most people who own shares of casinos (certain Native American tribes) get free money and they still work; see:

  6. Because 1400 a month isn't much to live on? Probably barely enough to make rent, but to people in poverty 1400 a month can help them A LOT, not living in luxury but lets them sleep easier not wondering if their next paycheck is enough to pay rent, childcare, gas money, millionaire is going to stop making millions for 1400 a month lol.

  7. $1400/month is actually considered below the poverty line in Australia for a single adult living alone (the line is at $1750/month).

  8. They don't. Not unanimously - that's the beauty of humanity.. there are those that enjoy working, because they follow their interests. And while doing so they don't begrudge building a safety net they one day could need.

  9. We'll its south nowra so everyone's on the dole already, so they've all just had their income doubled to $700 a week without a job if this ever happened.

  10. Who uses the term fortnight? Since the game came out this words back too? Or is this how you’re trying to reach a younger audience?

  11. Anyone really that wants to describe a period of two weeks. Games come back and go, the English language has a little more permanence.

  12. IDK. For one, people getting it will start to feel entitled to get stuff for free without doing anything. Many will waste it on crap like lottery winners that don’t know how to manage their winnings.

  13. Well while you’re just making stuff up we’ll do the trial to actually see how it impacts the community.

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