Introducing a weekly universal basic income (UBI) for everyone in Britain would have a net cost worth less than the aggregate cuts to benefits since 2010, according to a report.The government could make tax-free payments of £60 to every adult, £175 for those over 65 and £40 for each child under 18.

  1. comment sections on UBI theory is always a shitshow of people who've read nothing but headlines and tried to piece the economic viability together themselves

  2. My understanding of UBI is that as automation takes over more and more jobs, there won't necessarily be that many jobs for humans to do. In that instance we need to guarantee everyone a basic standard of living.

  3. Why not just lower income taxes to equal that amount? More money in the people's pocket and people continue to be productive.

  4. At a small scale this is literally a more complicated income tax cut no? Except you don't have to add any work into the system?

  5. The royal family's money is a percentage of the revenue from the Crown Estate, not tax.

  6. Seemed more like he was saying if you want to be lazy rent a house with mates and smoke pot all day ... not all pot smokers are lazy hence the reply of being judgemental if your gonna put people in a class for their drug choices maybe put your attention on meth heads leave us peaceful pot smokers alone

  7. UBI should be paired with a job guarantee. Those people who are able bodied should be willing to work for it, while those who are not can be found tasks to be given, like counting butterflies.

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