Finland's Universal Basic Income Experiment Just Gave Lawmakers a Really Good Reason to Back the Idea- “Respondents who received a basic income had more trust in other people and in societal institutions-politicians, political parties, police and the courts-than members of the control group.”

  1. No, it's an entirely predictable benefit. When you give people something for free and reduce the bureaucratic headaches associated with getting that free money, they tend to like the government more.

  2. I wonder if the people participating Ontario's basic income trial feel the same trust for politicians after it was cancelled early.

  3. The results don't seem that great to me. The group was not more likely to look for a job compared to regular unemployed people. Obviously they were less stressed because they really need money and that's what they received. People who are less stressed/depressed have a more positive outlook so they had slightly more trust in society.

  4. The control group were receiving unemployment benefits. So the findings can be summarized as "if you give people unemployment without going through a bureaucratic horror show, they trust the government more".

  5. Who cares if they don’t have a job? The entire point about UBI is that it eliminates poverty in a time where automation has devalued human labor. The social benefits of this study are more than enough to call for implementation.

  6. Isn't it basically what populists do? Buying the trust and loyalty of the voters... That does not seem all that great. That just means that even if it would end up being a bad idea and too costly, the politicians who would still defend it would get the support of a lot of those people who receive the money. You should not be able to buy the trust, you should earn it.

  7. So if the government is giving you money for nothing you are more likely to not see all the government’s flaws, and trust it. It seems to me that they just bought your vote - isn’ it a corruption?

  8. I am tempted to ask how much public money it is worth to give a bunch of deadbeats 'more trust'. Of course that would be grossly offensive, so I won't ask it.

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