Universal Basic Income: 170K Young Koreans Will Get $883 to Spend Locally

  1. I was really excited about this because it sounded like i could get some free money. Regardless of political stance (i am all-for eventual UBI but i honestly think now is too early for it), hooray for free money, right?

  2. probably trying to control for other variables. I won't pretend to know about Korea, but in the USA, at 24 most people are just starting out on their adult life, while at 21 you're in college and stuff. Maybe they just chose 24 to see if made people more likely to hold out for a better job or go back to grad school or start their own business, etc. while a 21 year old is probably still in school so they wouldn't do most of those things, and instead use it for basic living expenses?

  3. I remember reading about another controlled UBI experiment. Forget where it was off the top of my head (somewhere in Europe). The main takeaway was it didn’t really change much in people’s lives. Everyone for the most part followed their same daily routines, some using the bit of extra time to turn artistic pursuits into secondary sources of income.

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