Are there Crocodile in The Gold Coast or Surfer’s Paradise? Because I wanted to plan out to visit The Gold Coast around next year. But I’m mainly scared and terrified of Crocodiles.

  1. This is true, and they’ve been found like 50km up rivers too. Don’t underestimate their ability to live in brackish water.

  2. Lived here for all 19 years of my life and have only seen blue bottles, sting rays, a red belly and red backs and it's all been very rare apart from sting rays. There's really no risk of running into one of them unless you're in the bush or ocean a lot. Though I would love to see some more snakes in the wild, I love those bastards

  3. For all the people saying there are no crocs on the GC they are lying! They have a couple at dreamworld.

  4. Okay those places like zoo or sea world are understandable mainly talking about like in the city or beaches pretty much. Because I heard things about crocodiles can swim in the ocean or from the beach. Mainly Florida rarely has crocs in beaches or ocean

  5. I concur. I live in Springbrook National Park, and volunteer with the State Emergency Service. Collecting the remnants of a tourist attacked by a drop bear is a common call out, and has left me with PTSD.

  6. I can see you are genuinely concerned and most commentators are trying to mess with you. So here is a serious answer: no, there are no crocodiles on the Gold Coat or anywhere in South East Queensland.

  7. Id be more scared of bull sharks. Swim where the locals swim… orrr not at all! 😂 crocodiles are further north from around Rockhampton upwards. 🇦🇺

  8. No crocs. But Bull Sharks are an issue right now with all the flooding. Plus the water quality is very poor ATM. I wouldn't swim right now but it'll be fine in a month or so.

  9. Hi there! It looks like you're interested in visiting us at the Gold Coast and are interested in finding out what to do while here.

  10. I've seen a few crocodiles walking along the beach in Surfers but only at night time and early morning

  11. Look guys, we need to tell the truth. There are heaps of crocs in surfer's, we just need to be careful about what we do when we see one, just keep your distance as they usually come in pairs.

  12. At the beach you need to watch out for the 60 year old leatherback lobsters wearing nothing it budgie smugglers, but other than that, it’s just drop bears and yowies in the hinterland.

  13. There are so many even the local media have stopped reporting on crocodile attacks it’s estimated 2/300 a day are taken. Just watch out in the surf as they are pretty much invisible

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