Gold Coast Coffee Spots?

  1. Check out Tamborine Coffee Plantation, on Mt Tamborine. They grow their own beans, roast them, and have a great cafe.

  2. South Coast Coffee in Capri on Via Roma in Surfers a favourite, as is No Name Lane in Broadbeach (which brews Black Sheep Coffee btw)

  3. Social Espresso Coffee Roasters in Burleigh Heads is my go to. Also not much of a sit down cafe, but the beans are an unreal price for the quality.

  4. Despite the owners daft views and poor grasp of the legal system, Noego coffee up in Ormeau is consistently good. Currently takeaway only atm due to said daft views.

  5. Pelicano's. Spot isn't great but they get their beans from further up North. I'd never heard of Australian beans before. Thought they were all imported.

  6. if you ever find yourself at the Brisbane Markets (in Rocklea), I would recommend Black Sheep Coffee. It's really good. You can tell it's good because it's the only cafe there on Saturday's with a consistent queue of people lining up for their coffee.

  7. I like Tugun surf clubs hole in the wall. Then a stroll along the foreshore or a sit and sip while watching the ocean.

  8. Koko is great!! I'm there most mornings as for the last few months my regular (Star Bean) hasn't been opening before I start work.

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