Gold Coast foodies....... Help me decide which of these restaurants to go to first... If you've tried these places please tell me which ones you liked the most .... Lucky Bao, Mr Hizola, Light Years, Jimmy Wah, Hideaway , Som Tom Gai , Sticky Rice , Eddy & Wolff ...... Thanks

  1. We really enjoyed the intimacy of E&W, got to sit at the kitchen bar and talk to the chef about each of our meals. Was a great experience, and the food was delish.

  2. Hideaway was okay, I think the portion sizes don't match the price. I enjoyed going across the road to Mamasan way more. The ambiance and food there are top-notch. I know it's not on your list, but definitely give it a try.

  3. Thanks. Yeah I asked the same question on FB group and a few people mentioned Mamasan ... And also one I'd never heard of called Madam Fu

  4. Thanks for your response. Everyone seems to rave about most of these but especially Hizola and Eddy. What's your sisters blog ?

  5. I thought Hideaway was similar price to the others. I think most of them do a 65-70 pp chefs choice type banquet

  6. Light Years and Som Tom Gai were OK at Noosa, been a few times over the last few years. they have opened other restaurants later here I assume it’s the same and as good as the main restaurants. Som Tom would be my pick.

  7. Stoked to hear you recommend Lummys. I kinda in Tugun and need a decent cheapish Chinese. Been eyeing Lummys up. Will try soon. I'll look into the others too. Thanks

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