Advice for average player

  1. Stick to t7 and slowly build the clubs. It takes forever and I’m not even a fan of speed unlocking chests only because the rewards are so small but advancing without apoc or thor is going to end in frustration.

  2. Maybe grind tour 2 to try and speed upgrade the EM, I went for 0 - 400 in like 2 weeks through playing only t2 and rookie tourneys (for t3 tourney chest) and definitely play as much checkpoint as possible.

  3. I recommend playing tour 2 until you get EM8. Practice your accuracy. You'll find that you play better the less overpower you use.

  4. Your clubs may not be the biggest problem - they're 1/2 decent but yeah, you're going to be outclubbed in tour 7 much more often than not. Having said that - the real reason you lose many/most games may actually not be due to that fact.

  5. Yup, $ is the only shortcut in this game. I’ve played this game for years ftp, and am content that I won’t advance past tours 7,8, and 9 (based on how many coins I have at the time).

  6. Be careful with your bankroll too. 500K coins playing T7 means you are playing 20% of your bank each game. 5 losses and you're broke. I've been there. Now I am much more conservative with my bank. I won't play T7 without at least 1.5M coins, and if I get down to 1M coins - back to T6. I'm around 800K now, so back down to T6.

  7. Someone else said this, so I'll parrot the advice - t6 with basics. You'll be able to stock up on gems, you'll still get some damn fine club cards (Thor, sniper, 52/grizz, thorn, OR, malibu/houdini), and you'll learn the nuances of using curl, predicting roll-outs, 2dary wind effects, etc. in no-pressure games. Stop speed opening chests.

  8. Stay 7, or back to 6 as your coins are not really high enough. Clubs are great for 7 or 8 but before going too far you need to build up coins. I would not be using a spitfire3, Malibu is far better until spitfire gets to lv7 or Houdini gets to lv9.

  9. I know probably everyone uses thi already, thought I would post it for the few that haven’t been enlightened. Open the spreadsheet halfway through the article then dump it on your home page on whatever device you use. You will use this frequently until you’ve beat everyone and every level…

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