R/Progun seems to convinced themselves that they are the true victims of the most recent mass shooting

  1. Considering they were created in response to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin , nothing surprises me on the disgusting subreddut anymore

  2. I got curious so I had a look at the sub, because as someone from the UK we did have a mass shooting incident last year in Plymouth. It's a rare occurrence the last one before that was 2018 and 2010 before that. (No deaths in the 2018 one fortunately).

  3. Fucking bullshit argument. “Let’s arm teachers!!” Yeah the fucking teacher who is paid dogshit is going to risk their life for fucking kids who don’t even pay attention to her in class.

  4. Haha, every time I hear this I think about my little fat old mom packing in her classroom. She can't even handle driving through tampa, does anybody really expect her to keep it together and merk an active shooter? Friggin cops have trouble doing that shit, and they're trained and equipped for it. Like, come on.

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