Pro-gun r/2ALiberals totally isn’t filled with larping right-wingers! Lol

  1. Founder of the Walk Away movement, Brandon Straka, just flipped and ratted out his conspirators to the feds to avoid felony charges:

  2. Everything about their comment is true, and its why they should vote for leftist candidates, not republicans. Because R's are going to harm all of those things they claim to care about even more.

  3. What’s the difference between right wing and lolbertarian larpers and these group of soft left-friendly 2A progressive gun activists such as armed equality or SRA? I generally think that there aren’t many differences. These last ones don’t sound too different from libertarians when it comes for their fanatism for guns. . I say this because I see a concerning trend of leftists and anarchists who are gun friendly and will use the pro gun rhetoric to push its toxic ideology and label anyone who isn’t enough pro gun as a “racist gun grabber that probably is a cop and works for the big government” and will spout that kind of Malcolm X woke discourse criticizing white liberals and people who aren’t gun friendly. Having a left friendly pack and minority friendly doesn’t mean that all these gun ideologies are less toxic. From what I’ve seen in

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