Note reads: "Now I have a machine gun, Ho-ho-ho πŸŽ…"

  1. Most schools are government run. Teachers are government employees. So this is literally arming government workers against β€œfree” citizens.

  2. Also they caved like a bunch of bitches in Oregon and they essentially held the worst insurrection ever...

  3. Man, those guns sure prevented the Gov from killing all those native Americans and putting all those japanese Americans into camps. Guns sure prevented Jim Crow. Oh, wait...

  4. Nobody ever talks about the freedom to not get shot, or the freedom to never have to worry about getting shot.

  5. Problem: Random piranha attacks in the public pool, only when some people bring them to the pool.

  6. I can hear it now "the Left CHEATED in the 2nd civil war that we started 😭 we rigged it with 400million guns and still lost, victory was STOLEN!"

  7. We are so free we get to chose from 2 parties, not like you Europeans with 10-15 parties. We don't actually elect our president directly, some other people actually chose for us. We are so free our 2 parties chose to split our electoral districts just the way they want it to assure their win. We are so free, most people don't go to vote. We are so free, our kids gets regularly killed in school. That's the price of freedom and we pay it.

  8. Did they, in recent years, ever actually use their guns for anything useful? To "fight off the government" as they like to say? Surely if they're so brave and strong there's gotta be a few examples of it, right? ...r-right?

  9. Republicans were completely convinced dems stole the election from them and all they could muster was a 2 hour field trip to the Capitol, not a shot fired from them, retreated from their little mission and now live in a jail under seditious conspiracy charges. I don't think their so called "civil war" is anything to worry about πŸ˜‚

  10. In the red corner the most powerful, advanced and well funded military in the world and the only military capable of occupying another county and in the blue corner it’s some angry out of shape conspiracy theorists with semi automatic rifles and kitchen knives.

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